Orchard New Launch Condo

If you have visited Singapore, there is no way that you missed your stop at Orchard. This area is infamous as the retail paradise of the country which makes it popular amongst tourists and expats.

But being a tourist spot isn’t the only attribute of Orchard because its location and structure make it an ideal place to reside in. This is why you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you get your hands on an Orchard New Condo.

Park Nova - Orchard
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Orchard Sophia

in Sophia Road

  • Core Central
  • Prime District
  • D9 - Orchard / River Valley

460m to NE 6CC 1NS 24 Dhoby Ghaut

  • Aug 2027
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 78 units
  • Available: 38 units
  • Sold: 40 units
3 types 2 Bedroom Deluxe 3 types 581 sqft
$1.661M - $1.752M $2,859 - $3,015 PSF $1.661M - $1.752M
B1a 2 Bedroom Deluxe B1a 581 sqft
$1.661M $2,859 PSF $1.661M
B1b 2 Bedroom Deluxe B1b 581 sqft
$1.671M - $1.704M $2,876 - $2,933 PSF $1.671M - $1.704M
B2 2 Bedroom Deluxe B2 581 sqft
$1.696M - $1.752M $2,919 - $3,015 PSF $1.696M - $1.752M
13 types 2 Bedroom Premium 13 types 592 - 689 sqft
$1.73M - $2.043M $2,868 - $3,033 PSF $1.73M - $2.043M
C1b 2 Bedroom Premium C1b 667 sqft
$1.951M - $2.004M $2,925 - $3,004 PSF $1.951M - $2.004M
C2a 2 Bedroom Premium C2a 592 sqft
$1.73M $2,922 PSF $1.73M
C2b 2 Bedroom Premium C2b 592 sqft
$1.741M $2,941 PSF $1.741M
C3a 2 Bedroom Premium C3a 624 sqft
$1.807M $2,896 PSF $1.807M
C3b 2 Bedroom Premium C3b 635 sqft
$1.902M $2,995 PSF $1.902M
C4 2 Bedroom Premium C4 603 sqft
$1.809M $3,000 PSF $1.809M
C5a 2 Bedroom Premium C5a 646 sqft
$1.879M $2,909 PSF $1.879M
C5b 2 Bedroom Premium C5b 646 sqft
$1.89M - $1.94M $2,926 - $3,003 PSF $1.89M - $1.94M
C6a 2 Bedroom Premium C6a 635 sqft
$1.828M $2,879 PSF $1.828M
C6b 2 Bedroom Premium C6b 657 sqft
$1.903M - $1.956M $2,896 - $2,977 PSF $1.903M - $1.956M
C7a 2 Bedroom Premium C7a 646 sqft
$1.853M $2,868 PSF $1.853M
C7b 2 Bedroom Premium C7b 689 sqft
$1.989M - $2.043M $2,887 - $2,965 PSF $1.989M - $2.043M
C8 2 Bedroom Premium C8 635 sqft
$1.865M - $1.926M $2,937 - $3,033 PSF $1.865M - $1.926M
3 7
Sophia Regency

in Sophia Road

  • Core Central
  • Prime District
  • D9 - Orchard / River Valley

400m to NE 6CC 1NS 24 Dhoby Ghaut

  • Dec 2025
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 38 units
  • Available: 24 units
  • Sold: 14 units
3 types 1 Bedroom 3 types 474 - 506 sqft
$1.469M - $1.619M $3,022 - $3,395 PSF $1.469M - $1.619M
A1 (Stack 3) 1 Bedroom A1 (Stack 3) 506 sqft
$1.549M - $1.619M $3,061 - $3,200 PSF $1.549M - $1.619M
A1 (Stack 4) 1 Bedroom A1 (Stack 4) 506 sqft
$1.529M - $1.599M $3,022 - $3,160 PSF $1.529M - $1.599M
A2 1 Bedroom A2 474 sqft
$1.469M - $1.609M $3,099 - $3,395 PSF $1.469M - $1.609M
2 types 1 Bedroom + Study 2 types 570 - 592 sqft
$1.699M - $1.809M $2,938 - $3,104 PSF $1.699M - $1.809M
B1 1 Bedroom + Study B1 570 sqft
$1.699M - $1.769M $2,981 - $3,104 PSF $1.699M - $1.769M
B2 1 Bedroom + Study B2 592 sqft
$1.739M - $1.809M $2,938 - $3,056 PSF $1.739M - $1.809M
1 types 2 Bedroom + Study 1 types 753 sqft
$2.199M - $2.269M $2,920 - $3,013 PSF $2.199M - $2.269M
C1 2 Bedroom + Study C1 753 sqft
$2.199M - $2.269M $2,920 - $3,013 PSF $2.199M - $2.269M
1 types 2 Bedroom + Study (Premium) 1 types 947 sqft
$2.699M - $2.769M $2,850 - $2,924 PSF $2.699M - $2.769M
C2 2 Bedroom + Study (Premium) C2 947 sqft
$2.699M - $2.769M $2,850 - $2,924 PSF $2.699M - $2.769M
1 types 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 1 types 861 sqft
$2.589M - $2.629M $3,007 - $3,053 PSF $2.589M - $2.629M
D 2 Bedroom Dual-Key D 861 sqft
$2.589M - $2.629M $3,007 - $3,053 PSF $2.589M - $2.629M
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Orchard and Nearby Locations

Any individual living in Singapore can attest to the fact that having an MRT station close by is a blessing. Orchard is one of the areas in Singapore which is accessible through various MRT stations including the Dhouby Ghaut and the Somerset stations which allow you to avoid the busy traffic daily.

You can reach the Central Business District (CBD) and even Marina Bay by catching a short bus ride. Areas like the shopping center on Orchard can also be accessed on foot.

Factors to consider when buying a New Launch Condo in Orchard

When it comes to buying an Orchard New Launch property you must keep in mind the following points:

  • When looking for a condo in Orchard, you must be certain about your budget. This is because the area is filled with a diverse range of properties which allows the price of the condos to vary.
  • Explore the location of the condo because Orchard is a highly developed area and there are many types of amenities and recreation facilities available here. You should ensure that the condo you are purchasing is close to the type of facilities that you need.
  • Have a rough idea about the size of the property you are looking for. Orchard has many spacious living spaces but if you don’t require excessive space, you can always go for the smaller properties to save some money.

The Benefits of Living in a New Launch Condo in Orchard

An Orchard New Launch Condo can make a perfect home for individuals and families. All the basic amenities are located in close proximity for everyone to enjoy.

Orchard has some of the best schools for kids in Singapore which are striving to provide high-quality education to their students. This includes the EtonHouse International School which matches the global standard of education.

Alongside this, residents can benefit from Orchard being an infamous tourist spot because eateries are abundant here. While you can find all your everyday food items in the markets close by, you can also visit the line of international food chains located in the area including Shake Shack and Five Guys.

Lastly and most importantly, the malls of Orchard increase the benefits of living in this area. With over 20 malls, situated nearby, the residents of Orchard will never have to face trouble looking for any item, be it international or local.

The Demand for New Launch Condos in Orchard

You will have to remain active when finding an Orchard New Condo because these remain in demand every season.

At a good value, people can not only find their necessities but also make use of the recreation and entertainment facilities present in the busy city. Orchard offers a fair share of recreational activities for all ages.

You can go rock climbing, explore the Botanical Gardens or attend a festival at Fort Canning Park. Then there are some events that take place on special occasions only such as the open house at the Istana which is the residence of the President of Singapore and is open to the public for a total of five days every year.

All your entertainment needs can be readily fulfilled in Orchard with several entertainment options for party freaks as well. You can enjoy a calm drink in Emerald Hill or dedicate a night to bar hopping around the city, the choice is yours.

Top 3 New Launch Condos in Orchard

The process of buying a New Launch Condo in Orchard can get slightly confusing due to the large variety of properties available. The real estate market in this region is very competitive.

However, prospective buyers can sift through the catalog according to their needs. The following properties are our picks from the condos in Orchard:

Grange 1866

This is one of the modern properties developed by the Heeton Group in Singapore. With a land size of 20,326 square feet, Grange 1866 is located in the central location of Orchard.

All the key locations are a drive away including the CBD and the Marina Bay Financial Centre. From here, you can even walk to Orchard Road to fulfill all your shopping needs.

With four MRT stations close by, residents can easily take a train and ditch the traffic on the expressway. From diners to shopping markets and schools, every key necessity is accessible from Grange 1866.

Orchard Residences

This is a high-rise luxury condominium located right above the Orchard MRT station. It was developed along the grand Orchard Road, making all the required facilities highly accessible to its residents.

Orchard Residences contains all the basic amenities within its premise including a children’s playground, a tennis court, and a gymnasium. Residents can also take advantage of the Spa Pavilion and the Secret Garden to relax in their free time.

With access to high-quality schools nearby, Orchard Residences is the perfect place for individuals and families to live, peacefully.

Boulevard 88

Boulevard 88 is a 154-unit property developed by City Developments Limited (CDL) located between luxury and Orchard Road. This high-value property will include 28-storey residential towers as well as an 8-storey hotel block.

The new launch condo is situated in an ideal location which makes it very easy for residents to use the MRT stations including Orchard MRT and Great World MRT. Alongside this, there is a variety of food and shopping areas for people to explore including the Ngee Ann City and the Paragon.

Buying a condo in Boulevard 88 will allow you to comfortably reside in a state-of-the-art property while fulfilling all your necessary needs.

Interest among buyers in Orchard New Launch Condos

In conclusion, Orchard New Launch Condos are an ideal pick for you. The property here is located in one of the most valuable and highly developed regions in Singapore.

These condos will not only provide you with comfortable housing but will also act as a long-term investment for its residents. Whether you like a quiet and slow-paced life or a fast-paced, busy life, you will find something to please your taste.