Great World New Launch Condo

Great World is one of the most well-connected areas in Singapore, with all necessary amenities present in close proximity. Combined with this, urban development has created a range of entertainment options for people of all ages.

This is why Great World New Condos are in high demand and getting your hands on one is a lucky deal!

Irwell Hill Residence - Great World
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Sophia Regency

in Sophia Road

  • Core Central
  • Prime District
  • D9 - Orchard / River Valley

400m to NE 6CC 1NS 24 Dhoby Ghaut

  • Dec 2025
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 38 units
  • Available: 24 units
  • Sold: 14 units
3 types 1 Bedroom 3 types 474 - 506 sqft
$1.469M - $1.619M $3,022 - $3,395 PSF $1.469M - $1.619M
A2 1 Bedroom A2 474 sqft
$1.469M - $1.609M $3,099 - $3,395 PSF $1.469M - $1.609M
A1 (Stack 4) 1 Bedroom A1 (Stack 4) 506 sqft
$1.529M - $1.599M $3,022 - $3,160 PSF $1.529M - $1.599M
A1 (Stack 3) 1 Bedroom A1 (Stack 3) 506 sqft
$1.549M - $1.619M $3,061 - $3,200 PSF $1.549M - $1.619M
2 types 1 Bedroom + Study 2 types 570 - 592 sqft
$1.699M - $1.809M $2,938 - $3,104 PSF $1.699M - $1.809M
B1 1 Bedroom + Study B1 570 sqft
$1.699M - $1.769M $2,981 - $3,104 PSF $1.699M - $1.769M
B2 1 Bedroom + Study B2 592 sqft
$1.739M - $1.809M $2,938 - $3,056 PSF $1.739M - $1.809M
1 types 2 Bedroom + Study 1 types 753 sqft
$2.199M - $2.269M $2,920 - $3,013 PSF $2.199M - $2.269M
C1 2 Bedroom + Study C1 753 sqft
$2.199M - $2.269M $2,920 - $3,013 PSF $2.199M - $2.269M
1 types 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 1 types 861 sqft
$2.589M - $2.629M $3,007 - $3,053 PSF $2.589M - $2.629M
D 2 Bedroom Dual-Key D 861 sqft
$2.589M - $2.629M $3,007 - $3,053 PSF $2.589M - $2.629M
1 types 2 Bedroom + Study (Premium) 1 types 947 sqft
$2.699M - $2.769M $2,850 - $2,924 PSF $2.699M - $2.769M
C2 2 Bedroom + Study (Premium) C2 947 sqft
$2.699M - $2.769M $2,850 - $2,924 PSF $2.699M - $2.769M
10 1 2
Orchard Sophia

in Sophia Road

  • Core Central
  • Prime District
  • D9 - Orchard / River Valley

460m to NE 6CC 1NS 24 Dhoby Ghaut

  • Aug 2027
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 78 units
  • Available: 38 units
  • Sold: 40 units
3 types 2 Bedroom Deluxe 3 types 581 sqft
$1.661M - $1.752M $2,859 - $3,015 PSF $1.661M - $1.752M
B1a 2 Bedroom Deluxe B1a 581 sqft
$1.661M $2,859 PSF $1.661M
B1b 2 Bedroom Deluxe B1b 581 sqft
$1.671M - $1.704M $2,876 - $2,933 PSF $1.671M - $1.704M
B2 2 Bedroom Deluxe B2 581 sqft
$1.696M - $1.752M $2,919 - $3,015 PSF $1.696M - $1.752M
13 types 2 Bedroom Premium 13 types 592 - 689 sqft
$1.73M - $2.043M $2,868 - $3,033 PSF $1.73M - $2.043M
C2a 2 Bedroom Premium C2a 592 sqft
$1.73M $2,922 PSF $1.73M
C2b 2 Bedroom Premium C2b 592 sqft
$1.741M $2,941 PSF $1.741M
C3a 2 Bedroom Premium C3a 624 sqft
$1.807M $2,896 PSF $1.807M
C4 2 Bedroom Premium C4 603 sqft
$1.809M $3,000 PSF $1.809M
C6a 2 Bedroom Premium C6a 635 sqft
$1.828M $2,879 PSF $1.828M
C7a 2 Bedroom Premium C7a 646 sqft
$1.853M $2,868 PSF $1.853M
C8 2 Bedroom Premium C8 635 sqft
$1.865M - $1.926M $2,937 - $3,033 PSF $1.865M - $1.926M
C5a 2 Bedroom Premium C5a 646 sqft
$1.879M $2,909 PSF $1.879M
C5b 2 Bedroom Premium C5b 646 sqft
$1.89M - $1.94M $2,926 - $3,003 PSF $1.89M - $1.94M
C3b 2 Bedroom Premium C3b 635 sqft
$1.902M $2,995 PSF $1.902M
C6b 2 Bedroom Premium C6b 657 sqft
$1.903M - $1.956M $2,896 - $2,977 PSF $1.903M - $1.956M
C1b 2 Bedroom Premium C1b 667 sqft
$1.951M - $2.004M $2,925 - $3,004 PSF $1.951M - $2.004M
C7b 2 Bedroom Premium C7b 689 sqft
$1.989M - $2.043M $2,887 - $2,965 PSF $1.989M - $2.043M
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Great World and Nearby Locations

You can always travel by road but in Singapore traveling by car isn't the preferred form of transportation, every individual is a fan of the MRT stations. Great World has one of its own, called the Great World MRT from where you can reach areas nearby within a matter of minutes.

Areas such as River Valley and Fort Canning are less than five minutes away from Great World. An extra minute or two will lead you to places like Somerset and Havelock.

Factors to consider when buying a New Launch Condo in Great World

Finding a Great World New Launch Condo can be a difficult task since the area is like a linking unit to many places in Singapore. This is why an empty suitable condo can be a challenge to find. However, you can keep the following factors in mind to make your condo search easier:

  • Knowing your budget is key. Always know the range of money you can spend so that you can narrow down your list of possible options.
  • Prioritize your needs. Take a look at the location of your condo to check whether all your required amenities are present nearby.
  • If you are a daily passenger of MRT stations, getting a condo closest to the main station will benefit you. You can start your condo search from the projects near the station.

The Benefits of Living in a New Launch Condo in a Great World

There is a long list of benefits when it comes to living in a Great World New Condo because all your daily needs are present just a short walk away.

To start with, the retail life in Great World is quite active, you can easily find many convenience stores to purchase your everyday items. This includes two branches of the 7-Eleven store as well as the Great Value convenience located just between these two branches.

Alongside this, healthcare facilities are not an issue in the area. There are plenty of clinics present in the vicinity but you can also visit larger hospitals for a more detailed checkup. This includes the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital which provides around-the-clock services to its patients. The Singapore General Hospital is also easy to reach from here.

Last but not the least, living in Great World is ideal for families. There are plenty of good quality educational institutes present in the area. These include the Zhangde Primary School and the Outram Secondary School. Adults can take advantage of the Singapore Management University located here to complete their higher education.

The Demand for New Launch Condos in Great World

There are several recreational activities that individuals and families can enjoy living in a Great World New Launch Property.

First and foremost, the Great World City Mall is located here where you can fulfill all your retail desires. The mall has a range of local as well as international brands including big names such as Sephora and Zara. You can shop while your kids enjoy their time at the Amazonia playground in the mall.

Apart from retail therapy, you can also get a massage to relax in between your tough schedule. Natureland and My Foot Reflexology are amongst the top-rated spa and massage centers you’ll find here.

You can avail several fine dining options in Great World. Restaurants such as Shu Yan Sichuan Cuisine and Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse are located within walking distance from the main condos.

Top 3 New Launch Condos in Great World

This area is a junction between many important places in Singapore which makes finding a Great World New Condo tough. We have picked out the following new launch condos to give you some ease:

Irwell Hill Residences

This project is developed by City Development Limited (CDL) and consists of 540 units in total. The site area of Irwell Hill Residences is spread over 12,789 sqm on which a 36-storeys building will be created.

The prime location of the condo puts it on top of the list. With MRT stations within walking distance, residents can reach shopping centers, hospitals as well as schools in no time.


Riviere is developed by Frasers Property that has worked in almost 80 cities across the globe. The site area is approximately 13,476 sqm and there will be a total of 2 residential buildings of 36-storeys each. These will have 445 units that will be smart homes and community enabled.

The condos are built close to the Singapore River, providing residents with a direct view of the water. The American Country Club and the Singapore Botanic Gardens are also located close to the development further adding value to the project.

Nathan Suites

This is a development project of TID Pte Ltd. with a total of 65 residential units. These will exist as a 24-storey landmark tower. Every condo has high-quality fittings and is served by a private lift.

There are several facilities located within the premises of Nathan Suites including a hydrotherapy pool and zen garden. A separate playground is also built for the children.

Interest among buyers in Great World New Launch Condos

Great World New Launch Condos are the perfect fit for people looking for accessible housing without compromising on their quality of life. The plus point is that the condos here are also built with the finest fittings and contain all the required amenities within the premises or at a short distance.

This combination is very difficult to achieve in the hustling urban life of Singapore. Hence, you’re lucky if you get your hands on one of these properties!