TMW Maxwell Price

TMW Maxwell Price showcases a stunning collection of 324 residential units, with 319 still available. The units range from airily sized 474 square feet to generously roomy 861 square feet accommodations. Designed with varied lifestyles in mind, the units are suitable for individuals, couples to growing families. Reflecting its luxury amenities and prime location, the price per square foot (PSF) fall between $2,749 to $3,327. With price tags scaling from a reasonable $1.482M to a substantial $2.685M, TMW Maxwell offers an enticing opportunity for home seekers desiring a high-end living experience and investors seeking worthwhile returns. Its range in pricing and unit size ensures a match for everyone, set in a thriving and emerging community.

TMW Maxwell Price
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Mixed Development
15 2 3
TMW Maxwell

in Tras Street

  • Rest of Central
  • Downtown Core
  • D2 - Chinatown / Tanjong Pagar

220m to TE 18 Maxwell

  • Jun 2028
  • 99 Years
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 324 units
  • Available: 319 units
  • Sold: 5 units
5 types Flip/Switch (Studio) 5 types 474 - 484 sqft
$1.482M - $1.581M $3,127 - $3,327 PSF $1.482M - $1.581M
A1 Flip/Switch (Studio) A1 474 sqft
$1.482M - $1.506M $3,127 - $3,177 PSF $1.482M - $1.506M
A2 Flip/Switch (Studio) A2 484 sqft
$1.517M - $1.541M $3,134 - $3,184 PSF $1.517M - $1.541M
A3 Flip/Switch (Studio) A3 474 sqft
$1.51M - $1.546M $3,186 - $3,262 PSF $1.51M - $1.546M
A3-G Flip/Switch (Studio) A3-G 474 sqft
$1.562M - $1.577M $3,295 - $3,327 PSF $1.562M - $1.577M
A4 Flip/Switch (Studio) A4 474 sqft
$1.557M - $1.581M $3,217 - $3,267 PSF $1.557M - $1.581M
3 types 1 Bedroom 3 types 474 - 517 sqft
$1.62M - $1.675M $3,133 - $3,240 PSF $1.62M - $1.675M
1B1 1 Bedroom 1B1 474 sqft
$1.628M - $1.644M $3,149 - $3,180 PSF $1.628M - $1.644M
1B1-G 1 Bedroom 1B1-G 474 sqft
$1.675M $3,240 PSF $1.675M
1B2 1 Bedroom 1B2 517 sqft
$1.62M - $1.644M $3,133 - $3,180 PSF $1.62M - $1.644M
2 types 1 Bedroom + Study 2 types 538 - 560 sqft
$1.707M - $1.798M $3,109 - $3,154 PSF $1.707M - $1.798M
1S1 1 Bedroom + Study 1S1 560 sqft
$1.774M - $1.798M $3,112 - $3,154 PSF $1.774M - $1.798M
1S2 1 Bedroom + Study 1S2 538 sqft
$1.707M - $1.731M $3,109 - $3,153 PSF $1.707M - $1.731M
2 types 1 Bedroom Loft 2 types 840 - 861 sqft
$2.309M $2,749 PSF $2.309M
BL1 1 Bedroom Loft BL1 840 sqft
$2.309M $2,749 PSF $2.309M
BL2 1 Bedroom Loft BL2 861 sqft
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
1 types 2 Bedroom Premium 1 types 786 sqft
$2.404M - $2.434M $3,059 - $3,097 PSF $2.404M - $2.434M
2C1 2 Bedroom Premium 2C1 786 sqft
$2.404M - $2.434M $3,059 - $3,097 PSF $2.404M - $2.434M
4 types 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 4 types 829 - 850 sqft
$2.623M - $2.685M $3,045 - $3,081 PSF $2.623M - $2.685M
2DK1 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 2DK1 850 sqft
$2.665M - $2.685M $3,056 - $3,079 PSF $2.665M - $2.685M
2DK1-G 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 2DK1-G 850 sqft
$2.655M $3,045 PSF $2.655M
2DK2 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 2DK2 829 sqft
$2.633M - $2.653M $3,058 - $3,081 PSF $2.633M - $2.653M
2DK2-G 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 2DK2-G 829 sqft
$2.623M $3,046 PSF $2.623M
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TMW Maxwell Flip/Switch (Studio) Price

The Flip/Switch Studio units at TMW Maxwell, with 198 units still readily available out of 201, provide flexible functionality fused with modern aesthetics. These dynamic spaces vary in size from 474 to 484 square feet, intelligently designed for multi-purpose use, which can effortlessly switch from a restful sanctuary to a conducive work from home facility. Prices per square foot run from $3,127 to $3,327, indicative of the high-quality bespoke finishes and innovative design concept exclusive to TMW Maxwell. With the overall unit price being between $1.482M to $1.581M, these studios are a fitting choice for ambitious city dwellers craving for a sophisticated dwelling space with an immense capacity for adaptability.

TMW Maxwell 1 Bedroom Price

Boasting a total of 34 units, the 1 Bedroom apartments at TMW Maxwell emit a unique charm of lavish living. With a spacious design that ranges between 474 to 517 square feet, these units grant residents an unrivaled living experience within the bustling city. A total of 33 units still remain available for those seeking to invest in this singular opportunity. The price per square foot ranges from $3,133 to $3,240, exuding the high-end quality and refined design that epitomizes TMW Maxwell. The units are priced between $1.62M to $1.675M, making them an outstanding choice for those seeking an upscale urban lifestyle, encased in luxury and modern comforts.

TMW Maxwell 1 Bedroom + Study Price

The 1 Bedroom + Study apartments at TMW Maxwell are perfect for individuals or couples seeking a modern lifestyle in a luxurious setting. With a total of 34 units available, each unit is meticulously designed with sizes ranging from 538 to 560 square feet. Every apartment offers a seamless blend of comfort, functionality, and premium finishes, with an added study space that serves ideally as a home office or creative area. Prices per square foot range from $3,109 to $3,154, testament to the quality and lavish design that define TMW Maxwell. With prices from $1.707M to $1.798M, these units offer a unique opportunity for those who value sophisticated living while harmoniously integrating work and relaxation within their home space.

TMW Maxwell 1 Bedroom Loft Price

The 1 Bedroom Loft units at TMW Maxwell, with all 5 units readily available, offer a unique blend of sophistication and utility. Sized between 840 and 861 square feet, these lofts have been meticulously designed to optimize living space while providing an expansive area that can function as a luxurious sleeping mezzanine or a glamorous living area. The price per square foot for these units is $2,749, mirroring exceptional standards and innovative design that characterize TMW Maxwell. With priced at $2.309M, these lofts present themselves as a fantastic option for discerning individuals or couples craving a modern, upscale living environment that effortlessly juxtaposes luxury and functionality within a home's comfort.

TMW Maxwell 2 Bedroom Premium Price

The 2 Bedroom Premium units at TMW Maxwell, with their limited quantity of 16 units, promise an elegant and spacious lifestyle. With a generous space of 786 square feet, these apartments are meticulously planned to make the most of the living space. The cost per square foot ranges between $3,059 to $3,097, illustrating the high-end finishes and considerate design that characterize TMW Maxwell. With prices stretching from $2.404M to $2.434M, these units are a perfect choice for those seeking a modern, luxurious living environment that gracefully blends comfort and sophistication.

TMW Maxwell Flip/Switch (Studio) Transacted Price

At the TMW Maxwell, the Flip/Switch (Studio) units are experiencing significant transaction activity. Out of 201 units, 198 are still available with four transactions recorded thus far. The most affordable unit, located at Block 31, Fluor 06, Stack 16, was transacted at a PSF of $3,163, costing the owner $1,498,000. On the higher end, a premium unit from Block 31, Fluor 09, Stack 18, fetched a price of $1,621,000 at a PSF of $3,347. The average PSF stands at approximately $3,302, suggesting a robust perception of value relative to the diverse utility and versatility presented by the Flip/Switch units in TMW Maxwell.

TMW Maxwell 1 Bedroom Transacted Price

At TMW Maxwell, the 1 Bedroom units have seen a rather restrained transactional activity with only a single unit transacted so far. This unit, located in Block 31, on the 20th level, Stack 06, was sold for a steep price of $1,932,000, at a PSF of $3,739. Given the minimal amount of transactional data available, it is difficult to gauge trends or draw conclusions. However, the high price of the sole transacted unit indicates that these units may offer premium facilities or hold a desirable location in the market. With 33 units still available in this category at TMW Maxwell, potential buyers have a diverse range of options to choose from, allowing them ample room to find a unit that aligns with their preferences.

TMW Maxwell 2 Bedroom Premium Transacted Price

In the 2 Bedroom Premium category at TMW Maxwell, only one unit transaction has taken place, suggesting exclusivity. The sole transacted unit is situated in Block 31, on the 8th level, Stack 20. The price fetched was $2,470,000 at a PSF of $3,143, reflecting a high valuation for the well-appointed spaces. Big ticket real estate purchases such as this highlight a discerning market that appreciates upscale urban living. With 15 units still available, following the blueprint of the prior transacted property suggests a latent demand for such premium units.