The Arcady Price

The Arcady reveals a compelling selection of 172 residential units, with 123 currently on offer. The dimensions of this premium development vary extensively from a snug 667 square feet to a substantial 2,583 square feet, catering to an array of living needs and family sizes. The price per square foot (PSF) oscillates between $2,327 and $2,944, an indication of the quality and strategic location of the property. With prices ranging from $1.702M to a striking $7.587M, The Arcady serves as an enticing opportunity for both luxury seekers and investors searching for substantial returns. With such a diversity in pricing and unit size, singles, couples, and extended families can all find their place within this dynamic and thriving community.

The Arcady Price
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The Arcady

in Saint Barnabas Lane

  • Rest of Central
  • City Fringe
  • D12 - Balestier / Toa Payoh

460m to NE 9 Boon Keng

  • Dec 2028
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 172 units
  • Available: 114 units
  • Sold: 58 units
2 types 2 Bedroom 2 types 667 - 678 sqft
$1.721M - $1.895M $2,571 - $2,795 PSF $1.721M - $1.895M
B1 2 Bedroom B1 667 sqft
$1.721M - $1.838M $2,580 - $2,756 PSF $1.721M - $1.838M
B2 2 Bedroom B2 678 sqft
$1.743M - $1.895M $2,571 - $2,795 PSF $1.743M - $1.895M
3 types 2 Bedroom + Study 3 types 764 sqft
$1.948M - $2.091M $2,550 - $2,737 PSF $1.948M - $2.091M
B3 2 Bedroom + Study B3 764 sqft
$1.948M - $2.064M $2,550 - $2,702 PSF $1.948M - $2.064M
B4 2 Bedroom + Study B4 764 sqft
$1.975M - $2.058M $2,585 - $2,694 PSF $1.975M - $2.058M
B4A 2 Bedroom + Study B4A 764 sqft
$2.027M - $2.091M $2,653 - $2,737 PSF $2.027M - $2.091M
1 types 3 Bedroom 1 types 969 sqft
$2.39M - $2.618M $2,466 - $2,702 PSF $2.39M - $2.618M
C1 3 Bedroom C1 969 sqft
$2.39M - $2.618M $2,466 - $2,702 PSF $2.39M - $2.618M
2 types 3 Bedroom Premium 2 types 1,087 - 1,195 sqft
$2.686M - $3.191M $2,471 - $2,670 PSF $2.686M - $3.191M
C3 3 Bedroom Premium C3 1,087 sqft
$2.686M - $2.799M $2,471 - $2,575 PSF $2.686M - $2.799M
C4 3 Bedroom Premium C4 1,195 sqft
$2.953M - $3.191M $2,471 - $2,670 PSF $2.953M - $3.191M
2 types 3 Bedroom Premium + Study 2 types 1,281 - 1,496 sqft
$3.146M - $3.59M $2,400 - $2,668 PSF $3.146M - $3.59M
C5 3 Bedroom Premium + Study C5 1,281 sqft
$3.146M - $3.418M $2,456 - $2,668 PSF $3.146M - $3.418M
C5A 3 Bedroom Premium + Study C5A 1,496 sqft
$3.59M $2,400 PSF $3.59M
1 types 4 Bedroom + Study 1 types 1,410 sqft
$3.588M - $3.714M $2,545 - $2,634 PSF $3.588M - $3.714M
D1 4 Bedroom + Study D1 1,410 sqft
$3.588M - $3.714M $2,545 - $2,634 PSF $3.588M - $3.714M
2 types Penthouse 2 types 2,433 - 2,583 sqft
$7.387M - $7.825M $3,029 - $3,036 PSF $7.387M - $7.825M
P1 Penthouse P1 2,433 sqft
$7.387M $3,036 PSF $7.387M
P2 Penthouse P2 2,583 sqft
$7.825M $3,029 PSF $7.825M
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The Arcady 2 Bedroom Price

The Arcady features 38 spacious 2 Bedroom units, with 14 still available for purchase. Each unit offers between 667 to 678 square feet of beautifully designed space, maintaining a comfortable standard of modern living. The cost per square foot ranges from $2,534 to $2,764, reflecting the high-quality finishes and thoughtful design for which The Arcady is known. With prices from $1.702M to $1.874M, these homes present an excellent investment opportunity for those seeking a luxury residential experience in a prime location. Enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality in The Arcady s 2 Bedroom units, prime for individuals or families desiring upscale, contemporary living spaces.

The Arcady 2 Bedroom + Study Price

The prestigious Arcady 2 Bedroom + Study units offer a sleek and spacious living environment. Of the 38 units constructed, 36 remain available, illustrating the high demand for such luxury. Each unit spans a generous 764 square feet, optimally utilized for comfortable living and including a versatile study area adaptable to your needs. With prices per square foot ranging from $2,496 to $2,737, the high-caliber finishes and inventive layouts of these units are evident. Prices for these luxurious spaces fall between $1.907M and $2.091M, making them a prime investment for those seeking an upmarket residential opportunity that harmoniously blends personal and professional life.

The Arcady 3 Bedroom Price

The 3 Bedroom units at The Arcady, with an availability of 17 out of 21 total units, promise a premium lifestyle experience. Sized between 969 and 980 square feet, these units have been impeccably designed to optimize space and comfort. Their price per square foot varies from $2,440 to $2,672, a reflection of the exclusive finishes and superior design traits that characterize The Arcady. The price ranges from $2.364M to $2.589M, making them a perfect choice for families or investors looking for a luxurious residential haven that strikes the perfect balance between style, comfort, and convenience.

The Arcady 3 Bedroom Premium Price

The 3 Bedroom Premium units at The Arcady flaunt a spacious design crafted for restful living. With only 31 units overall and 26 units still available, these residences range from 1,087 to 1,195 square feet, merging homey warmth with opulent luxury designed for the discerning few. The price per square foot varies from $2,443 to $2,641, showcasing an elevated lifestyle backed by high-grade finishes and smart architecture. The homes are valued from $2.656M to $3.156M, making them a perfect choice for families or individuals seeking a mix of modern aesthetics, expansive living areas, and a relaxing environment that embodies luxury living at its finest.

The Arcady 3 Bedroom Premium + Study Price

The 3 Bedroom Premium + Study units at The Arcady, with 18 out of 21 units still available, portray an essence of luxury and sophistication. Ranging from 1,281 to 1,496 square feet, these apartments are ingeniously designed to optimize living area, while integrating a study space that can be utilized as a personal workplace or an innovative studio. The price per square foot falls between $2,327 to $2,639, reflecting the top-notch finishes and mindful design that epitomize The Arcady. With prices stretching from $3.112M to $3.481M, these units are an impeccable selection for families or career-oriented individuals looking for an elevated, contemporary living ambiance that merges relaxation and productivity flawlessly within the confines of home.

The Arcady 4 Bedroom + Study Price

The Arcady, with its exclusive 4 Bedroom + Study units, presents a grand embodiment of luxury living designed for the discerning homeowner. With only 9 units available, each with an area of 1,410 square feet, these homes offer a spacious and flexible living environment that creatively incorporates a well-size study space suitable for both work and leisure. The price per square foot varies from $2,545 to $2,634, mirroring the premium design, top-of-the-line fixtures, and quality workmanship that define The Arcady. Priced between $3.588M and $3.714M, these prestigious units are ideal for families or individuals who appreciate a well-designed space that beautifully combines comfort, functionality, and elegance.

The Arcady 4 Bedroom Premium Price

With only one available unit, the 4 Bedroom Premium unit at The Arcady stands as an emblem of luxury and sophistication. Spread over a lavish 1,625 square feet, the unit is impeccably designed to offer optimum comfort and functionality. It is priced at a wholesome $3.831M which equates to $2,358 per square foot, highlighting the top-tier finishes and elaborate design inherent to The Arcady. This premium home makes an excellent choice for families in pursuit of an opulent abode. Experience seamless living blended with upscale amenities, all under one roof at The Arcady, distinguishing it as a symbol of unrivaled lifestyle and comfort.

The Arcady Penthouse Price

The exclusive Arcady Penthouses, with only two units available, encapsulate luxury and elegance. Sized generously between 2,433 and 2,583 square feet, these penthouses are the epitome of contemporary sophistication. Discerning homeowners will appreciate the price per square foot ranging from $2,937 to $2,944, indicative of the high-end fittings and exceptional architectural design that mark the Arcady. With prices spanning from $7.163M to $7.587M, these penthouses are a perfect reflection of upscale living. They are an unmatched choice for those who aspire to own a piece of real estate that blends comfort, luxury, and modernity seamlessly, making home not just a living space but a personal haven of refinement and style.

The Arcady 1 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

At The Arcady, the 1 Bedroom + Study units have witnessed 11 transactions, reflecting a robust demand for these versatile units. The most economically transacted unit, at a PSF of $2,495, was priced at $1,316,000. This unit is located in Block 2, on the 3rd level, Stack 06. Meanwhile, the priciest unit was transacted at a PSF of $2,609, with a price of $1,376,000, and is situated in Block 2, on the 13th level, Stack 06. The average PSF is approximately $2,552, showcasing market recognition for the additional utility and flexibility offered by the study space.

The Arcady 2 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the prestigious Arcady, transactions have been brisk for the 2 Bedroom apartments. Out of the 38 units available, 25 have been snapped up till now, highlighting their high demand. The lowest transaction was for a unit located in Block 2, on the 3rd level, Stack 01. The unit was sold at a price of $1,662,000, at a PSF of $2,490. On the higher end, a premium unit located in the same block, but on the 23rd level, Stack 09, fetched a top price of $1,844,000 at a PSF of $2,719. On average, the transacted PSF stands at $2,611.

The Arcady 2 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

In the 2-bedroom plus study category at The Arcady, just 2 out of 38 units have been transacted, underscoring their exclusivity and high value. The most affordably priced unit, located in Block 2, 13th level, Stack 05, commands a price of $1,968,000 at a PSF of $2,575. The highest-priced unit, on the contrary, is located just one floor below, in Block 2 on the 12th level, Stack 04, and costs $1,987,000 with a PSF of $2,600. The average PSF stands approximately at $2,588. These data points highlight the differential investment value coupled with the unique design integrity and spatial provision of these 2-bedroom plus study units at The Arcady.

The Arcady 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

Within the 3 Bedroom category at The Arcady, 4 transactions underscore the well-regarded status of these spacious units. The most economically transacted unit has a PSF of $2,410, with a price tag of $2,335,000, located in Block 2, on the 12th level, Stack 08. On the flip side, the sky-high unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,579, was sold for $2,498,000, situated in the same Block 2, on the 20th floor, Stack 08. With a solid average PSF of around $2,521, these transactions highlight the market's favourable impression on the living space offered by The Arcady.

The Arcady 3 Bedroom Premium Transacted Price

At The Arcady, the 3 Bedroom Premium units have seen continuous demand with a total of 4 transactions recorded. The most affordable unit, sold at a PSF price of $2,436, fetched a transacted price of $2,648,000. This unit is located in Block 2, on the 7th floor, Stack 07. In contrast, the highest priced unit was sold at a PSF rate of $2,599, garnering a transaction value of $3,105,000, situated in Block 2, on the 23rd level, Stack 03. With an average PSF at around $2,500, these transactions emphasise the strong appeal and value of the 3 Bedroom Premium units at The Arcady.

The Arcady 3 Bedroom Premium + Study Transacted Price

At The Arcady, there are 21 units of the 3 Bedroom Premium + Study, with 2 transactions taking place thus far, indicating an emerging popularity for such spacious and dynamic units. The lower-end unit transacted came in at a PSF of $2,429, pricing at $3,111,000, comfortably nestled in Block 2, on the 8th level, Stack 02. The premium unit sold for a higher PSF of $2,579, at a cost of $3,303,000, located also in Block 2, but on the lofty 22nd level, Stack 02. The average transaction PSF stands at about $2,504, showcasing the market's recognition of the value offered by the additional study space for a more flexible and personalized living experience in the heart of The Arcady.