Tembusu Grand Price

Tembusu Grand showcases a luxurious concept of living with 638 units of which 254 are still available. The range in unit sizes, from 527 square feet to the expansive 2,691 square feet, offers homeowners a diverse selection designed to cater to their unique needs. Pricing per square foot (PSF) sits between $2,174 and $2,931, illustrating the grandeur and convenience of the location. Units are priced from a starting point of $1.344M to the grand price of $7.888M. This offers a viable option for home seekers craving luxurious grandeur as well as investors looking for significant returns. With its array of units, Tembusu Grand makes upscale living accessible to everyone from singles, couples to large family households,within an emerging and vibrant community.

Tembusu Grand Price
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Tembusu Grand

in Jalan Tembusu

  • Rest of Central
  • City Fringe
  • D15 - East Coast / Marine Parade

680m to TE 25 Tanjong Katong

  • Oct 2028
  • 99 Years
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 638 units
  • Available: 246 units
  • Sold: 392 units
4 types 1 Bedroom + Study 4 types 527 - 646 sqft
$1.344M - $1.6M $2,368 - $2,824 PSF $1.344M - $1.6M
A1S 1 Bedroom + Study A1S 527 sqft
$1.344M - $1.437M $2,550 - $2,727 PSF $1.344M - $1.437M
A1S(d) 1 Bedroom + Study A1S(d) 646 sqft
$1.53M - $1.557M $2,368 - $2,410 PSF $1.53M - $1.557M
A2S 1 Bedroom + Study A2S 527 sqft
$1.399M - $1.488M $2,655 - $2,824 PSF $1.399M - $1.488M
A2S(d) 1 Bedroom + Study A2S(d) 646 sqft
$1.546M - $1.6M $2,393 - $2,477 PSF $1.546M - $1.6M
2 types 2 Bedroom + Study 2 types 743 - 883 sqft
$1.93M - $2.161M $2,381 - $2,719 PSF $1.93M - $2.161M
B2S 2 Bedroom + Study B2S 743 sqft
$1.93M - $2.02M $2,598 - $2,719 PSF $1.93M - $2.02M
B2S(d) 2 Bedroom + Study B2S(d) 883 sqft
$2.102M - $2.161M $2,381 - $2,447 PSF $2.102M - $2.161M
2 types 3 Bedroom 2 types 990 - 1,184 sqft
$2.496M - $2.744M $2,236 - $2,521 PSF $2.496M - $2.744M
C1 3 Bedroom C1 990 sqft
$2.496M $2,521 PSF $2.496M
C1(d) 3 Bedroom C1(d) 1,184 sqft
$2.648M - $2.744M $2,236 - $2,318 PSF $2.648M - $2.744M
3 types 3 Bedroom + Study 3 types 1,173 - 1,399 sqft
$2.698M - $3.126M $2,174 - $2,537 PSF $2.698M - $3.126M
C2S 3 Bedroom + Study C2S 1,173 sqft
$2.708M - $2.976M $2,309 - $2,537 PSF $2.708M - $2.976M
C2S(d) 3 Bedroom + Study C2S(d) 1,399 sqft
$3.042M - $3.126M $2,174 - $2,234 PSF $3.042M - $3.126M
C2S(p) 3 Bedroom + Study C2S(p) 1,173 sqft
$2.698M - $2.739M $2,300 - $2,335 PSF $2.698M - $2.739M
3 types 4 Bedroom 3 types 1,432 - 1,604 sqft
$3.288M - $3.743M $2,289 - $2,502 PSF $3.288M - $3.743M
D1 4 Bedroom D1 1,432 sqft
$3.299M - $3.583M $2,304 - $2,502 PSF $3.299M - $3.583M
D1(d) 4 Bedroom D1(d) 1,604 sqft
$3.672M - $3.743M $2,289 - $2,334 PSF $3.672M - $3.743M
D1(p) 4 Bedroom D1(p) 1,432 sqft
$3.288M - $3.385M $2,296 - $2,364 PSF $3.288M - $3.385M
2 types 5 Bedroom 2 types 1,711 sqft
$4.028M - $4.244M $2,354 - $2,480 PSF $4.028M - $4.244M
E1 5 Bedroom E1 1,711 sqft
$4.04M - $4.244M $2,361 - $2,480 PSF $4.04M - $4.244M
E1(p) 5 Bedroom E1(p) 1,711 sqft
$4.028M $2,354 PSF $4.028M
1 types 5 Bedroom Penthouse 1 types 2,691 sqft
$7.888M $2,931 PSF $7.888M
PH 5 Bedroom Penthouse PH 2,691 sqft
$7.888M $2,931 PSF $7.888M
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Tembusu Grand 1 Bedroom + Study Price

The exclusive 1 Bedroom + Study units at Tembusu Grand are steeped in elegance and functionality. With only 28 units currently available out of 117, they provide a unique living experience within a bustling city. These units span between 527 and 646 square feet, perfectly designed to optimize space and feature an additional study, ideal for a home office or creative outlet. The PSF ranges from $2,368 to $2,824, reflecting the superior finishes and ingenious design that characterize Tembusu Grand. At a price range of $1.344M to $1.6M, these units provide a premium living space for young professionals or couples seeking stylish urban living that merges work and relaxation effortlessly in a comfortable home.

Tembusu Grand 2 Bedroom + Study Price

The 2 Bedroom + Study units at Tembusu Grand, with a decent number of 27 units out of 119 available, cater to those seeking a spacious and versatile living experience. The units range generously from 743 to 883 square feet, equipped with an additional study area perfect for a work from home setup or a personalized creative corner. These are priced at a cost per square foot ranging from $2,381 to $2,719, indicative of the high standards of design and finishing within each unit. With asking prices between $1.93M and $2.161M, these units appeal to homebuyers looking for a sophisticated living experience that seamlessly blends functionality and comfort in one luxurious residential address.

Tembusu Grand 3 Bedroom Price

The 3 Bedroom units at Tembusu Grand, with only 7 units still available out of the 79, promise a harmonious fusion of comfort and opulence. These spacious apartments, measuring between 990 and 1,184 square feet, are ingeniously designed to optimize the living area and deliver unparallel luxury. The price per square foot for these units oscillates from $2,236 to $2,521 - a testament to the top-notch finishes and impeccable design typifying Tembusu Grand. With prices ranging from $2.456M to $2.744M, these units are the perfect fit for families or established professionals seeking a stylish, high-end living space that masterfully merges relaxation and sophistication into an upscale home experience.

Tembusu Grand 3 Bedroom + Study Price

Tembusu Grand offers 121 exquisite 3 Bedroom + Study units, with 97 currently available. Each spacious unit, ranging in sizes from 1,173 to 1,399 square feet, presents a perfect blend of luxurious comfort and functionality. Thoughtfully designed, these residences let homeowners enjoy a generous living area, coupled with a supplemental study room that is ideal for working from home or an artistic space. Pricing per square foot for these sought-after units lies within an inviting $2,174 to $2,537 range. The sophisticated nature of Tembusu Grand is evident in the unit prices that situate from $2.698M to $3.126M. These residences are suitable for growing families or professionals who appreciate an upscale dwelling with a harmonious fusion of relaxation and work.

Tembusu Grand 4 Bedroom Price

The grand 4 Bedroom units at Tembusu boasts exclusivity with a limited availability of 56 units from an original 81. Size varying from 1,432 to 1,604 square feet, these lavish apartments have been architecturally crafted to enhance living space while oozing luxury and sophistication. The price per square foot lies between $2,289 and $2,502, indicative of the premium finishes and strategic design that is emblematic of the Tembusu residences. With prices ranging from $3.288M to $3.743M, these units are an ideal selection for families or individuals seeking a plush, upscale living environment that fuses comfort and opulence beautifully within the confines of their own home.

Tembusu Grand 5 Bedroom Price

The ultra-luxurious 5 Bedroom units at Tembusu Grand, priced from $4.028M to $4.244M, make a grand mark on Singapore's upscale residential scene. With 37 units readily available out of the total 38, these units offer an expansive living space, sized at 1,711 square feet. Each apartment is designed to ensure an opulent lifestyle experience, reflected in its PSF rate of $2,354 to $2,480. The grandeur and status symbol that these units offer are incomparable. For those in pursuit of an unparalleled, high-end living environment that flawlessly accommodates larger families or individuals who appreciate the luxury of space, Tembusu Grand s 5 Bedroom units provide a perfect abode that is truly a cut above the rest.

Tembusu Grand 5 Bedroom Penthouse Price

The grandeur that Tembusu's 5 Bedroom Penthouse exudes is simply unmatched. Limited to only 2 units in the entire development, these luxurious penthouses offer an expansive living space of 2,691 square feet priced at an astounding $7.888M each. Priced at $2,931 per square foot, the grand penthouses are a testament to extravagance and elegance. Thoughtfully designed to seamlessly blend comfort and opulence, these penthouses are decked with high-end finishes. They are the epitome of affluent living for quintessential home buyers who seek ultra-luxury, spacious quarters that define status and exclusivity. Currently, both units are up for sale, guaranteeing unparalleled lifestyle experiences for homeowners.

Tembusu Grand 1 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

In the bustling Tembusu Grand, 86 1 Bedroom + Study units have been transacted, with 28 still available from the original 117 units. The lowest priced unit was $1,248,000 located in Block 92 on the 2nd floor, Stack 04, sporting a PSF of $2,366. Meanwhile, the highest priced unit fetched an impressive $1,472,000, situated in the same block on the 19th floor, Stack 04 and with a PSF of $2,791. The average PSF rests at $2,509, reflecting strong market interest for these multifunctional spaces that combine urban living convenience with personalisation and functionality.

Tembusu Grand 2 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 2 Bedroom category at Tembusu Grand, there have been a total of 81 transactions, emphasizing the continued interest in these units. The most affordably transacted unit, with a PSF of $2,332 sold for $1,556,000, and is located in Block 94, on the 1st level, Stack 13. The premium unit fetched a price of $1,948,000, transacted at a PSF of $2,350, positioned in Block 92, on the 21st level, Stack 05. The average PSF sits at approximately $2,472, reflecting a strong market value.

Tembusu Grand 2 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

The Tembusu's Grand 2 Bedroom + Study category reveals an enduring demand with a total of 92 transactions. The most economical unit was sold for $1,787,000 at a PSF of $2,406, located in Block 96, on the ground level, Stack 24. Conversely, the most expensive units fetched a price at $1,978,000 transacted at a PSF of $2,663, positioned in Block 94, on the 18th level, Stack 16. The average transaction PSF stands at $2,515 highlighting the continued attraction for such multifunctional units. These units, encompassing a varied price range and distinctive unit specifics are tailored to meet a variety of lifestyle preferences whilst undeniably showcasing the market's penchant for Tembusu's quality living spaces coupled with the practicality of an extra study space.

Tembusu Grand 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the Tembusu Grand 3 Bedroom category, the 71 transactions clearly demonstrate a strong market appetite for these units. The least expensive transacted unit, with a PSF of $2,310, was priced at $2,288,000, located in Block 92, on the 2nd level, Stack 06. On the premium end, the highest transacted unit, with a PSF of $2,577, realized a price of $2,552,000, situated in the same block but on the 20th level, Stack 06. At an average PSF of $2,416, these sales underscore the market's valuation for the spaciousness and comfort offered by these 3-bedroom units at Tembusu Grand.

Tembusu Grand 3 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

In the 3 Bedroom + Study category at Tembusu Grand, 24 transactions denote a healthy demand for these spacious units. The most affordably transacted unit, at a PSF of $2,354, was priced at $2,762,000, located in Block 94, on the 6th level, Stack 14. Whereas the premium unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,521, fetched a price of $2,958,000, nestled in Block 92, on the 19th level, Stack 03. With an average PSF of roughly $2,432, these transactions showcase the market's enthusiasm for the added utility of the study space, combining the convenience of city living with the requirement for personal touch and functionality in Tembusu Grand.

Tembusu Grand 4 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the luxury 4 Bedroom class at Tembusu Grand, 25 transactions have taken place, indicating a steady demand for these opulent units. The most economically transacted unit, Block 94, Level 03, Stack 10, fetched a price of $3,341,000 at a PSF of $2,334. The highest priced unit, situated in the same block, but on the 20th level, was transacted for $3,677,000, at a PSF of $2,293. With an average PSF of around $2,404, these transactions highlight the market's valuation of the lavish and expansive space provided by the 4-bedroom units at Tembusu Grand.

Tembusu Grand 5 Bedroom Transacted Price

At Tembusu Grand, there is a rarity in transaction for its 5 Bedroom units, with only 1 counted. The sole transacted apartment, amounting to $4,220,000 or $2,466 PSF, was located at Block 94, on the 17th floor, Stack 15. Despite a lower transaction count, the high price of the single transaction underscores the potential exclusivity and appeal of these 5 Bedroom spaces in this development. With 37 units still available from the total 38, these larger units perhaps cater to a more select audience seeking spacious living in the prime location of Tembusu Grand. The sales may be reflective of the current market's preference for more compact urban housing. This solitary transaction sets a definitive benchmark for future sales in this category.