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J'Den Residences is an exclusive new development boasting 368 residential units, with a mere 30 still available. Prospective homeowners can select from an array of unit sizes ranging from a cozy 624 square feet to a spacious 1,485 square feet, catering to an assortment of living situations and preferences. The price per square foot (PSF) oscillates between $2,270 to $2,833, indicative of J'Den's high-end construction and prime location. Unit prices run from $1.748M to a maximum of $3.915M, positioning J'Den Residences as a compelling option both for home seekers desiring a slice of luxury or investors eyeing significant returns. The variety in pricing and unit size offers something for any lifestyle, from those living solo to expanding families, all located within an energetic and thriving community.

J'Den Price
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J'Den 1 Bedroom + Study Price

The 1 Bedroom + Study units at J'Den offer a prime investment opportunity, given the scarce availability of 1 unit out of a total of 37. Boasting a size of 624 square feet, this unit flawlessly blends practicality with luxury, offering an additional study room that can be transformed into a home office or creative area. Artfully priced at $2,801 per square foot, this unit reflects the excellent craftsmanship and deliberate design of J'Den. With a market value of $1.748M, this exclusive apartment is a sought-after choice for individuals or couples aiming for a contemporary, high-end living environment that effortlessly fuses work and play within the comfort of home.

J'Den 2 Bedroom + Study Price

The 2 Bedroom + Study units at J'Den Residences are a true embodiment of luxury and functionality. These apartments are expertly crafted to optimize living space, featuring a separate study area that can function as a home office or additional room. With only one unit available from a total of 74, its exclusivity further enhances its appeal. Covering an area of 818 square feet, these units are priced at $2,833 per square foot. The high-quality finishes, well-thought design and modern amenities of these apartments are reflected in the $2.317M price tag. Ideal for small families or working professionals, these units provide a contemporary, opulent living space, seamlessly combining work and relaxation.

J'Den 3 Bedroom + Study (Premium) Price

The thoughtfully designed 3 Bedroom + Study (Premium) units at J'Den, with only 5 of the total 36 units available, are both spacious and practical. Featuring a size of 1,259 square feet, these units are designed to create an environment of luxury and comfort, while offering an additional study area that is suitable for home office use or other creative requirements. The price per square foot varies from $2,364 to $2,619, showing J'Den s emphasis on quality and innovative design. With prices ranging from $2.976M to $3.297M, these units cater perfectly to families or working professionals who value space, functionality, and the fine balance between work and home life.

J'Den 4 Bedroom (Premium) Price

The 4 Bedroom (Premium) units at J'Den are a rare gem with only 37 units available, currently with 23 open for grabs. Spanning 1,485 square feet, these units masterfully combine luxury and functionality, providing ample space for families searching for a stylish and comfortable living environment. The price per square foot ranges from $2,270 to $2,636, showcasing the headline-worthy premium fittings and quality design that distinguish J'Den. Available at prices from $3.371M to $3.915M, these magnificent quarters are an excellent choice for individuals seeking the highest level of sophistication and comfort in their home.

J'Den 1 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 1 Bedroom category at J'Den, there's been a total of 37 transactions, indicating strong market demand for single units. The most affordably transacted unit, at a Price per Square Foot (PSF) of $2,287, was priced at $1,206,000. It is located in Block 2, on the 5th floor, Stack 05. The most premium unit fetched a price of $1,488,000 and transacted at a PSF of $2,821. It is situated in the same block, on the 39th floor, in stack 05. The average PSF stands at approximately $2,510, underlining the market's favorable response to these 1 bedroom units, offering a comfortable city living in J'Den.

J'Den 1 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

At J'Den, the 1 Bedroom + Study segment has seen 35 transactions, indicating a high interest in these versatile apartments. The most affordable unit exchanged hands at $1,457,000, commanded a PSF of $2,334, and is sited in Block 2, on Level 03, Stack 10. On the pricier side, the premium unit fetched an impressive $1,695,000, realized a PSF of $2,715, and is located in Block 2, on Level 40, Stack 10. With an average PSF of approximately $2,512, these figures validate the market's esteem for multi-use spaces offering urban comfort tied with customization and efficiency in J'Den.

J'Den 2 Bedroom Transacted Price

In J'Den, there have been 74 transactions of 2-bedroom units, indicating strong consumer interest in this property type. The most budget-friendly unit transacted for $1,637,000 at a PSF of $2,304. This unit is located in Block 2, on the 3rd floor, Stack 04. On the opposite end, the premium 2-bedroom unit transacted for $1,913,000 at a PSF of $2,653, situated in Block 2, on the 40th level, Stack 06. The average transacted PSF for the 2-bedroom units stands at around $2,487.

J'Den 2 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

There has been a high demand for the premium 2 Bedroom + Study units at J'Den, with 73 transactions reflecting the popularity and versatility of these residences. The most affordable unit was sold for $1,985,000, at a PSF of $2,426. It was nestled in Block 2, on the 3rd level, Stack 01. On the premium end, the highest fetching unit sold at a whopping $2,329,000, under a PSF of $2,739. This unit was located in Block 2, at the 40th level, Stack 09. This range in prices and unit specifics reaffirm the market's appreciation for the additional functionality and flexibility provided by the study space, showcasing the successful blend of urban living with personalized functionality in J'Den. With an average PSF of approximately $2,589, this trend emphasizes the diverse appeal of these units, meeting the needs and lifestyles of various customers.

J'Den 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 3 Bedroom category at J'Den, a total of 66 transactions signal a strong demand for these sizeable units. The least expensive unit transacted had a PSF of $2,109, priced at $2,406,000, situated in Block 2, on the 5th level, Stack 3. Conversely, the highest priced unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,549, was valued at $3,018,000, positioned in Block 2, on the 38th level, Stack 7. With an average PSF of approximately $2,314, these sales clearly exemplify the market's appreciation for the generous space offering of J'Den's 3 bedroom units.

J'Den 3 Bedroom + Study (Premium) Transacted Price

In the premium 3 Bedroom + Study category at J'Den, a total of 30 transactions have been recorded, indicating the high demand for these versatile units. The most affordable unit sold was priced at $2,917,000, standing on the 5th level in Block 2, Stack 02, and transacted at a PSF of $2,316. Meanwhile, the most premium unit commanded a price of $3,333,000, situated on the staggering 37th level in the same block and stack and transacted at a PSF of $2,647. With a median PSF of approximately $2,477, these sales highlight the market's recognition of the additional functionality provided by the study space.

J'Den 4 Bedroom (Premium) Transacted Price

In the 4 Bedroom (Premium) segment at J'Den, transactions of 14 out of 37 available units reveal strong market interest. The most budget-friendly unit, at a PSF of $2,253, cost $3,346,000, found in Block 2, on the 3rd floor, Stack 08. On the premium side, the highest transacted unit, at a PSF of $2,639, went for $3,920,000, positioned in Block 2, on the 40th floor, Stack 08. With an average PSF of roughly $2,411, these sales demonstrate the market's value for ample space and exceptional features in J'Den.