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Hillhaven boasts a magnificent selection of 341 residential units with 273 still available and ready to cater to the diverse needs of potential homebuyers. These units range in size from a comfortable 678 square feet to a sprawling 1,636 square feet, accommodating a variety of lifestyles, family sizes, and unique living requirements. The price per square foot (PSF) varies from an attractive $1,925 to $2,280, signaling Hillhaven's premium quality and excellent locality. With unit prices ranging from $1.379M up to $2.887M, Hillhaven offers a compelling choice for investors and home seekers alike, promising robust returns and a luxurious living experience. This price and size variation ensure that Hillhaven has something in store for everyone, from singles and couples to established families, nestled within a thriving community.

Hillhaven Price
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in Hillview Rise

  • Outside Central
  • West Region
  • D23 - Dairy Farm / Bukit Panjang / Choa Chu Kang

410m to DT 3 Hillview

  • Jun 2028
  • 99 Years
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 341 units
  • Available: 259 units
  • Sold: 82 units
7 types 2 Bedroom 7 types 678 - 721 sqft
$1.379M - $1.621M $2,026 - $2,316 PSF $1.379M - $1.621M
B1A 2 Bedroom B1A 678 sqft
$1.379M - $1.469M $2,034 - $2,167 PSF $1.379M - $1.469M
B1B 2 Bedroom B1B 678 sqft
$1.389M - $1.484M $2,049 - $2,189 PSF $1.389M - $1.484M
B2A 2 Bedroom B2A 700 sqft
$1.487M - $1.601M $2,125 - $2,286 PSF $1.487M - $1.601M
B2A(P) 2 Bedroom B2A(P) 700 sqft
$1.473M $2,105 PSF $1.473M
B2B 2 Bedroom B2B 700 sqft
$1.501M - $1.621M $2,144 - $2,316 PSF $1.501M - $1.621M
B2B(P) 2 Bedroom B2B(P) 700 sqft
$1.494M $2,134 PSF $1.494M
B3 2 Bedroom B3 721 sqft
$1.461M - $1.556M $2,026 - $2,159 PSF $1.461M - $1.556M
3 types 2 Bedroom + Study 3 types 797 sqft
$1.584M - $1.74M $1,987 - $2,183 PSF $1.584M - $1.74M
B4A 2 Bedroom + Study B4A 797 sqft
$1.584M - $1.589M $1,987 - $1,993 PSF $1.584M - $1.589M
B4B 2 Bedroom + Study B4B 797 sqft
$1.662M - $1.681M $2,085 - $2,109 PSF $1.662M - $1.681M
B4C 2 Bedroom + Study B4C 797 sqft
$1.713M - $1.74M $2,149 - $2,183 PSF $1.713M - $1.74M
2 types 3 Bedroom 2 types 947 - 1,141 sqft
$1.853M - $1.978M $1,956 - $2,089 PSF $1.853M - $1.978M
C1 3 Bedroom C1 947 sqft
$1.853M - $1.978M $1,956 - $2,089 PSF $1.853M - $1.978M
C1(D) 3 Bedroom C1(D) 1,141 sqft
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
8 types 3 Bedroom + Study 8 types 958 - 1,195 sqft
$1.948M - $2.158M $1,925 - $2,132 PSF $1.948M - $2.158M
C2 3 Bedroom + Study C2 958 sqft
$1.997M - $2.03M $2,084 - $2,119 PSF $1.997M - $2.03M
C2(D) 3 Bedroom + Study C2(D) 1,130 sqft
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
C3 3 Bedroom + Study C3 1,012 sqft
$1.999M - $2.158M $1,976 - $2,132 PSF $1.999M - $2.158M
C3(D) 3 Bedroom + Study C3(D) 1,195 sqft
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
C3(P) 3 Bedroom + Study C3(P) 1,012 sqft
$1.989M $1,966 PSF $1.989M
C4 3 Bedroom + Study C4 1,012 sqft
$1.958M - $2.117M $1,935 - $2,092 PSF $1.958M - $2.117M
C4(D) 3 Bedroom + Study C4(D) 1,195 sqft
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
C4(P) 3 Bedroom + Study C4(P) 1,012 sqft
$1.948M $1,925 PSF $1.948M
6 types 4 Bedroom 6 types 1,259 - 1,636 sqft
$2.467M - $2.936M $1,948 - $2,130 PSF $2.467M - $2.936M
D1A 4 Bedroom D1A 1,259 sqft
$2.467M - $2.601M $1,959 - $2,066 PSF $2.467M - $2.601M
D1B 4 Bedroom D1B 1,259 sqft
$2.613M - $2.664M $2,076 - $2,116 PSF $2.613M - $2.664M
D1B(D) 4 Bedroom D1B(D) 1,432 sqft
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
D2 4 Bedroom D2 1,378 sqft
$2.699M - $2.936M $1,959 - $2,130 PSF $2.699M - $2.936M
D2(D) 4 Bedroom D2(D) 1,636 sqft
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
D2(P) 4 Bedroom D2(P) 1,378 sqft
$2.685M $1,948 PSF $2.685M
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Hillhaven 2 Bedroom Price

The 2 Bedroom units at Hillhaven, with a total of 134 units and still 105 available, represent an ideal blend of luxury and practicality. Varyingly sized between 678 and 721 square feet, these units are meticulously planned to optimize living space and offer ultimate comfort. The price per square foot hovers between the ranges of $2,026 to $2,280, signifying the high-end finishes and smart design defining Hillhaven. With prices spanning from $1.379M to $1.596M, these units perfectly cater to small families or couples desiring a plush, modern living space that seamlessly weaves cozy family time and a lavish lifestyle within the confines of a beautifully-designed home.

Hillhaven 2 Bedroom + Study Price

Hillhaven's exclusive 2 Bedroom + Study units are a sophisticated blend of style and utility. A total of 48 units are available, with 32 currently on offer. These units offer a capacious 797 square feet of thoughtfully-designed space, ample enough for a cosy study area or compact home office. Their price per square foot falls between $1,987 and $2,157, earning them their place in the realm of luxury residences, where every square inch is optimized for modern living. Priced from $1.584M to $1.719M, these are perfect for individuals or families valuing a harmonious blend of work, leisure and comfort in their living environment.

Hillhaven 3 Bedroom Price

The 3 Bedroom units at Hillhaven, available in limited quantity with only 23 out of 27 units left, are the epitome of spacious and luxury living. With sizes ranging from 947 to 1,141 square feet, these homes are thoughtfully designed to maximize living space and provide ample comfort. The price per square foot varies from $1,956 to $2,063, showcasing the superior quality finishes and considerate architectural design that are inherent in Hillhaven. Priced from $1.853M to $1.953M, these residential units are perfectly suited for families or individuals seeking an upscale, contemporary living environment that marries relaxation and luxury within the comfort of home.

Hillhaven 3 Bedroom + Study Price

The 3 Bedroom + Study units at Hillhaven, of which 60 out of 78 are still on the market, offer a perfect balance of spaciousness and style. Ranging in size from 958 to 1,195 square feet, these well-crafted apartments provide plenty of room for comfortable living, complete with an additional study space suitable for a home office or hobby room. Priced between $1,925 and $2,102 per square foot, the units exhibit the high-quality finishes and smart, efficient design typical of Hillhaven homes. With prices that range from $1.948M to $2.127M, these multi-purpose units are an excellent investment for families or professionals looking for a home that effortlessly synthesizes luxury, practicality, and comfort.

Hillhaven 4 Bedroom Price

The 4 Bedroom units at Hillhaven, while available in a considerable quantity of 54 units, promise a balance of luxury and tranquility. The spacious apartments, varying from 1,259 to 1,636 square feet, are smartly designed to illustrate exceptional living standards blended with high comfort levels. The price per square foot is between $1,948 to $2,096, showcasing their high-quality structure and strategic planning. Kicking off from $2.467M to $2.887M, these apartments register themselves as a prime choice for larger families or individuals who appreciate grand living experiences within the serene environment of home.

Hillhaven 2 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 2 Bedroom category at Hillhaven, 25 transactions signal a steady interest in these units. The most affordable transacted unit had a PSF of $2,032 and was priced at $1,378,020, located in Block 5, on the 5th floor, Stack 05. On the premium side, the unit transacted at a PSF of $2,185, commanded a price of $1,528,810, situated in Block 7, on the 8th floor, Stack 09. With an average PSF of approximately $2,087, these sales emphasise the market prominence of these units in Hillhaven.

Hillhaven 2 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

Out of the 48 multifunctional units in the 2 Bedroom + Study category at Hillhaven, 15 have already been transacted, indicating a robust demand. The most affordable unit was sold for $1,572,767, located in Block 5, on the 8th floor, Stack 04, with a PSF of $1,975. The premium unit, priced at $1,711,815, was in the same block, but on the 17th floor, Stack 07, and commanded a higher PSF at $2,149. The average PSF of these sales is approximately $2,060. With the added benefit of a study space, these units offer urban convenience with the flexibility to match individual lifestyles and preferences at Hillhaven.

Hillhaven 3 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

At Hillhaven Residences, 3 Bedroom + Study units have transacted 17 times so far, suggesting a solid demand for these spacious and practical units. The unit with the lowest price at a PSF of $2,002, costing $1,917,715, was found in Block 7, on the 11th level, Stack 11. On the contrary, the most premium unit achieved a PSF of $2,173 and fetched a price of $2,198,695, located in the same block, but on the 27th level, Stack 10. These transactions reported an average PSF of around $2,056, reflecting the market's value for elements of luxury, comfort, and efficiency provided by the inclusion of a study space in Hillhaven.

Hillhaven 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 3 Bedroom category at Hillhaven Residences, 4 transactions reflect the current market trend for these spacious units. The most affordably transacted unit, at a PSF of $1,965, was priced at $1,861,330, situated in Block 7, on the 6th floor, Stack 13. Contrastingly, the unit that commanded the highest price, transacted at a PSF of $2,000, fetched a price of $1,894,480, which is also located in Block 7, on the 9th floor, Stack 13. An average PSF of approximately $1,982 was observed, revealing the strong market sentiment for 3 Bedroom units in Hillhaven.

Hillhaven 4 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 4 Bedroom category at Hillhaven, there has been only one transaction as of now, reflecting limited supply for these spacious units. The sole transacted unit was sold at a price of $2,867,220 and is positioned in Block 7. This premium unit, with a PSF of $2,081, is located on the 16th floor at Stack 08. Despite the single transaction, it can be observed that the high PSF value reflects the market's valuation for Hillhaven's 4 bedroom units.