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Hill House presents a unique selection of 72 opulent condominium units, with 54 currently available for purchase. Ranging in size from 431 to 753 square feet, these units have been designed to cater a spectrum of buyer’s lifestyle needs - whether they're individuals, couples or small families. Prices per square foot (PSF) span from $2,935 to $3,445, a reflection of the exceptional quality and prime location of the property. With prices varying from $1.382M to $2.391M, Hill House offers an impressive investment opportunity, alongside a possibility for a plush residential experience. With this range in pricing and unit size, Hill House ensures there is a perfect fit for every potential owner, within an engaging and thriving community.

Hill House Price
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Hill House 1 Bedroom Price

The 1 Bedroom units at Hill House provide a luxurious combination of space and convenience, boasting a total of 24 apartments, with 20 currently available. Each unit, sized at 431 square feet, is meticulously constructed to embody style and versatility. With prices per square foot ranging impressively from $3,206 to $3,404, these units reflect the quality finishes and strategic layouts that define Hill House. With a price range of $1.382M to $1.467M, these properties serve as a significant investment opportunity for individuals or couples seeking an upscale residential option that encapsulates a chic, modern lifestyle.

Hill House 1+1 Bedroom Price

Hill House offers 16 units of its 1+1 Bedroom apartments, with 9 units currently available. Thoughtfully designed, these units are 452 square feet in size, cleverly maximizing living space while offering an additional room operating as either a study or a spare bedroom. These apartments range from $3,279 - $3,445 per square feet in terms of pricing, showcasing high-quality finishes and carefully considered designs inherent to Hill House. With unit prices varying from $1.482M to $1.557M, these homes represent a perfect choice for young professionals, couples or small families seeking a sophisticated, modern living environment that fuses comfort and utility seamlessly.

Hill House 2 Bedroom Price

The 2 Bedroom units at Hill House, with an impressive availability of 18 out of 24 units, deliver an elevated blend of style and practicality. With a unit size measuring at 624 square feet, these apartments are meticulously planned to optimize living space, ideal for individuals or small families in pursuit of a streamlined, luxurious lifestyle. The price per square foot for these units ranges from a significant $3,104 to $3,438, mirroring the superior quality finishes and elaborate design that define Hill House. With prices fluctuating between $1.937M to $2.145M, these units represent an optimal choice for those who seek an advanced, high-end living experience that synthesizes functionality and indulgence effortlessly within a homely setting.

Hill House 3 Bedroom Price

Hill House presents an intimate collection of 3 Bedroom units, with just 8 in total and 7 currently available. At a generous size of 753 square feet, the homes deliver a comfortable and spacious living environment. These thoughtfully executed apartments, priced between $2.21M to $2.391M, align with an upscale standard of living. With prices per square foot ranging from $2,935 to $3,175, residents can expect high-quality finishes and superior design that distinguish Hill House residences. Ideal for families or individuals seeking a modern, sophisticated abode, these units offer a blend of functionality and style that caters to contemporary lifestyle demands.

Hill House 1 Bedroom Transacted Price

At Hill House, there has been considerable interest in the compact yet cosy 1 Bedroom units, with 4 transactions indicating robust demand. The least expensive unit transacted commands a PSF of $3,031 and is priced at $1,305,000, situated in Block 11, on the 3rd floor, Stack 09. On the other end of the spectrum, the highest-priced unit transacted boasts a PSF of $3,210 and a price of $1,382,000, located, interestingly, within the same block and floor but in Stack 01. Averaging at an appealing PSF of $3,121, these transactions reveal the market's recognition of the Hill House's take on urban minimalism and contemporary luxury, appealing to urbanites looking for a chic and convenient lifestyle.

Hill House 1+1 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 1+1 bedroom category at Hill House, 7 transactions point to a steadily solid demand for these functional units. The most affordably transacted unit, at a price per square footage (PSF) of $3,006, was priced at $1,359,000, located in Block 11, on the third level, stack 05. On the contrary, the premium unit, transacted at a PSF of $3,258, fetched the price of $1,473,000, positioned in the same block, but on the fourth level, stack 04. With an average PSF of $3,080, these sales highlight the market's value of the additional amenity and adaptability offered in Hill House's 1+1 bedrooms.

Hill House 2 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 2 Bedroom category at Hill House, 6 transactions illustrate interest in these spacious units. The most economically transacted unit, at a PSF of $2,851, was priced at $1,780,020, situated in Block 11, on the 3rd floor, Stack 07. On the upper end, a premium unit, transacted at a PSF of $3,263, secured a price of $2,037,000, also located in Block 11, but on the 9th floor, Stack 07. The average PSF amounted to roughly $2,971, denoting the market's valorization of the ample living space and well-designed layout at Hill House.

Hill House 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

At Hill House, there exists a selection of eight 3 Bedroom units, with only one having been transacted thus far, indicating the premium quality of this well-kept property. The sole transacted unit fetched a price of $2,097,000 at a hefty PSF of $2,783. This unit resides in Block 11, on the 3rd level, Stack 06. The steep price suggests an unparalleled level of refinement and luxury in this high-demand locale. With an array of 7 units still available, Hill House offers unique opportunities for prospective buyers seeking the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. These sales highlight the versatile appeal tailored to suit different preferences and lifestyles.