Varied Unit Mix of Lentor Hills Residences

Lentor Hills Residences in District 26

Lentor Hills Residences offers a diverse range of living options to suit various lifestyles and family sizes. From cozy one-bedroom units to spacious four-bedroom and dual-key apartments, this development is designed to cater to both individuals and larger families. The varied unit mix not only reflects the developer's understanding of different housing needs but also enriches the community within the development.

Detailed Breakdown of Unit Types

The development features a comprehensive mix of unit types:

  • 1 Bedroom and 1 Bedroom + Study: These compact units, totaling 74, range from 452 to 603 square feet, ideal for singles or couples. They make up approximately 12.37% of the total units.
  • 2 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom + Study: Catering to small families or professionals, these 219 units, varying from 678 to 775 square feet, account for 36.62% of the total.
  • 3 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom + Yard: Designed for larger families, these 189 units, between 958 to 1,130 square feet, represent 31.61% of the mix.
  • 4 Bedroom and Dual-Key Units: The 116 larger units, ranging from 1,302 to 1,399 square feet, suitable for extended families or for those seeking extra space, comprise 19.40% of the total.

Analysis of the Unit Mix Distribution

Lentor Hills Residences Unit Mix Breakdown

Lentor Hills Residences' unit mix distribution is strategically planned to cater to a diverse range of buyers. The higher proportion of two and three-bedroom units suggests a focus on accommodating families, a significant demographic in residential developments. The inclusion of smaller one-bedroom units aligns with the growing trend of individual living spaces, suitable for young professionals or couples. The presence of larger four-bedroom and dual-key units indicates an appeal to extended families or investors. This diverse mix not only meets various housing needs but also fosters a vibrant and varied community within the residence.

Implications of the Unit Mix on Lifestyle and Community

The diverse unit mix at Lentor Hills Residences is not just about providing living spaces; it's about crafting a community. Smaller units attract singles and young professionals, fostering a dynamic and youthful atmosphere. The larger apartments, suitable for families and multi-generational living, add a sense of stability and community spirit. This blend creates a harmonious environment, allowing for interactions among different age groups and lifestyles, enriching the living experience for all residents.

Conclusion: The Significance of Lentor Hills Residences' Unit Mix

The unit mix at Lentor Hills Residences is a testament to thoughtful urban design, ensuring that the needs of various demographics are met. This variety not only enhances the market appeal of the residence but also contributes to a vibrant and cohesive community. Such a mix ensures that Lentor Hills Residences is more than just a housing complex; it's a place where different lifestyles converge, creating a lively and diverse community.

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