Transaction Prices at Lentor Hills Residences: Insights for Investors

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Lentor Hills Residences, a premium condominium in Singapore's District 26, has garnered significant attention from investors and homebuyers alike. This article delves into the intricate details of transaction prices within this prestigious development. Understanding these prices is crucial for anyone considering an investment or purchase at Lentor Hills Residences, offering insights into the potential financial implications and opportunities that lie within this vibrant community.

Overview of Lentor Hills Residences' Unit Types and Their Transaction Prices

Lentor Hills Residences presents a diverse range of unit types to suit various preferences and needs. The unit mix includes 1 Bedroom + Study, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom + Study, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom + Yard, 4 Bedroom, and Dual-Key units, each offering unique living experiences. These units vary in size from 581 to 1,399 square feet, catering to singles, couples, and families.

The transaction prices reflect this diversity. For instance, a 1 Bedroom + Study unit ranges between $1.329M to $1.416M, with the price per square foot (PSF) spanning $2,204 to $2,437. Two-bedroom units are priced between $1.622M to $1.804M, depending on size and study inclusion. Larger units, like the 4 Bedroom ones, range from $2.587M to nearly $2.979M, with a PSF of $1,923 to $2,197. The Dual-Key units, offering both living space and investment potential, are priced between $2.696M to $2.894M.

Analysis of Recent Sales Transactions

Recent sales transactions at Lentor Hills Residences reveal a dynamic market. For example, a 2 Bedroom unit measuring 721 square feet was transacted at $1,625,000, equating to $2,253 PSF, as of 19 November 2023. Another sale on 12 November saw a 3 Bedroom unit of 958 square feet go for $2,090,000, or $2,182 PSF. These transactions highlight a varying demand for different unit types, indicating a healthy and active market.

Additionally, a 4 Bedroom unit, encompassing 1,346 square feet, was sold for $2,692,000 ($2,001 PSF) on 12 November 2023, showcasing the high value placed on larger family-sized units. The consistent sales, across various unit types and sizes, demonstrate Lentor Hills Residences' appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers, from singles and couples to large families. Such a vibrant transaction history not only underscores the development's desirability but also provides valuable insights for potential investors and buyers looking at long-term value and returns.

Factors Influencing Transaction Prices at Lentor Hills Residences

Several factors influence the transaction prices at Lentor Hills Residences. Its strategic location, just a three-minute walk from Lentor MRT station, significantly boosts its appeal, offering easy access to Singapore's bustling city life. Developed by Hong Leong Holdings, GuocoLand, and TID, the condominium comprises 598 units across five blocks, each rising to 23 floors, and a variety of unit types. These aspects, coupled with the development's premium features and facilities, play a crucial role in shaping the transaction prices, enhancing both the rental and resale value of the units.

The Appeal of Lentor Hills Residences to Diverse Buyer Profiles

The diverse unit mix at Lentor Hills Residences is tailored to cater to a wide range of residents, from single professionals to large families. This variety increases the property's attractiveness in the market, impacting transaction prices. For instance, the availability of Dual-Key units offers a unique investment opportunity, allowing residents to generate rental income while maintaining their living space. This versatility is particularly appealing to investors seeking properties with both personal and rental potential. As such, the diverse buyer profiles and the unique selling points of different unit types contribute significantly to the transaction dynamics at Lentor Hills Residences.


In summary, the transaction prices at Lentor Hills Residences are shaped by a blend of location, unit variety, and the development's premium features. These elements, appealing to a wide range of buyers, underscore the development's investment potential. Whether for personal use or as an investment, understanding these price dynamics is key for those considering Lentor Hills Residences as their next home or investment venture.

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