Lentor Hills Residences Site Plan, Facilities, and Maintenance Fees Guide

Lentor Hills Residences presents a unique living experience, where meticulous planning in site design meets an array of exclusive facilities. This blog delves into the comprehensive site plan of this prestigious development, exploring its intricate layout, diverse facilities, and the maintenance fee structure for various unit types. Discover how Lentor Hills Residences combines luxury, convenience, and a touch of nature, making it more than just a residence but a lifestyle destination.

Overview of Lentor Hills Residences Site Plan

Lentor Hills Residences stands out with its thoughtfully designed site plan, ensuring a harmonious blend of urban living and natural beauty. The development is characterized by its strategic layout, which optimizes both space and aesthetics. Residents are greeted with the tranquil sights and sounds of water and greenery, with the site plan emphasizing seamless integration with the surrounding landscape. The residence boasts various eco-friendly elements, such as the conserved Alstonia angustiloba (Pulai tree), enhancing its ecological appeal. The thoughtful design extends to the allocation of residential blocks, open spaces, and amenities, all strategically positioned to enhance the living experience while ensuring privacy and tranquility.

Detailed Breakdown of Facilities at Lentor Hills Residences

Lentor Hills Residences offers a plethora of facilities catering to all ages and interests. The 1st Storey features a play zone clubhouse, complete with function rooms and a gym, providing a perfect setting for community engagement and personal fitness. The centerpiece is a 50m swimming pool, surrounded by pool decks and a water wall, offering a resort-like ambiance. Additionally, the development includes a dedicated work zone clubhouse with co-working spaces and lounges, blending work and leisure seamlessly.

For families, a children’s play area and a BBQ pavilion offer spaces for fun and social gatherings. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a putting green and a bocce turf, while those seeking relaxation can find solace in the yoga deck. The community garden allows residents to engage in gardening, fostering a sense of community and sustainability.

Unique features such as the Trapas and water hyacinth ponds, along with the aqua deck and children's aqua adventure zone, add a touch of elegance and adventure. The onsen alcove with its heated onsen and Jacuzzi provides a tranquil retreat. The sky terraces on various storeys offer additional amenities like the sky spa cove, jogging track, various thematic work and leisure decks, and an open-air sky gym, enhancing the living experience at Lentor Hills Residences.

This comprehensive range of facilities at Lentor Hills Residences caters to every aspect of modern living, ensuring residents enjoy a balanced and enriched lifestyle.

Understanding Maintenance Fees at Lentor Hills Residences

An essential aspect of living in Lentor Hills Residences is understanding the maintenance fees, which vary based on unit size. These fees ensure that the high standards of the facilities and common areas are upheld. For a 1-bedroom unit, the maintenance fee is $289.50 plus GST, while 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units are charged at $347.40 plus GST. Larger units like the 4-bedroom and Dual Key apartments have a maintenance fee of $405.50 plus GST. These fees contribute to the upkeep of the extensive amenities and lush landscapes, ensuring that residents enjoy a pristine and luxurious environment consistently.


Lentor Hills Residences epitomizes a refined lifestyle with its well-conceived site plan, extensive facilities, and a transparent maintenance fee structure. Whether it's for relaxation, work, or leisure, the development offers an array of amenities to cater to every resident's needs. The thoughtful design and attention to detail make Lentor Hills Residences not just a place to live but a haven for a quality lifestyle, ensuring a valuable investment for its residents.

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