Inside the Preview and Booking Journey at Lentor Hills Residences

Lentor Hills Residences presents a familiar yet exciting journey for prospective buyers, encompassing a preview, ballot, and booking process. This narrative unfolds in a structured manner, allowing interested parties to engage with the property, understand their options, and make informed decisions. As we delve into the details of this process, we uncover the strategic steps involved in securing a unit at this coveted residence.

Overview of the Preview Phase

From 24th June to 4th July 2023, Lentor Hills Residences opened its doors for a preview phase, offering a glimpse into its unique offerings. This period was crucial for buyers to experience the residence firsthand, providing an opportunity to explore the facilities, design, and ambience of the development. During this phase, prospective buyers could interact with sales representatives, ask questions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the lifestyle that Lentor Hills Residences promises. This initial exposure is vital, as it sets the stage for the decisions and preferences that shape the subsequent ballot and booking process.

Expressing Interest and Obtaining a Ballot Number

Expressing interest in Lentor Hills Residences involved a formal procedure where prospective buyers submitted an EOI form along with a blank cheque. This submission signified their serious intent to purchase a unit and was the first step towards securing a place in the ballot. The EOI form played a pivotal role in the process, as it provided buyers with a ballot number - a key component in the upcoming booking phase. This number determined the order in which they would be allowed to select their preferred unit, introducing an element of anticipation and strategy to the purchasing journey.

Transition from Preview to Balloting

Following the conclusion of the preview on 4th July, the focus shifted to the balloting event scheduled for 6th July 2023. This transition marked a temporary pause in the ability to view the showflat, building suspense and excitement among the prospective buyers. The balloting process, conducted through an online live stream, added a digital dimension to the experience. Here, the developer's system randomized and displayed the ballot numbers in sequence, determining the order of unit selection for the booking day. This method introduced a fair and transparent approach to unit allocation, ensuring that every participant had an equal opportunity to secure their preferred choice based on their assigned ballot number.

The Booking Day Mechanics

The climax of this journey was the booking day on 8th July 2023, a crucial event for all hopeful buyers. On this day, individuals arrived prepared to finalize their choice of unit, armed with their ballot number and a list of preferred options. The process was conducted in a sequential order, where the first ballot number announced had the privilege of first pick, followed by others in their respective order. This sequence was strictly adhered to, ensuring fairness and orderliness during the booking process. The excitement was palpable, as each buyer eagerly awaited their turn, hoping their desired unit remained available. For many, this day was a blend of luck and quick decision-making. As the units got booked, their status was displayed on a large screen, allowing those in the queue to adjust their choices and strategize accordingly. This dynamic environment required buyers to be flexible and decisive, often needing to quickly shift their preferences if their top choice was taken. The advice to have a list of at least ten preferred units proved valuable, offering alternatives and reducing stress during this fast-paced and emotionally charged day.

Considerations for Prospective Buyers

For prospective buyers, the journey through Lentor Hills Residences' preview, ballot, and booking phases involves careful consideration and strategic planning. It is essential to approach this process with an open mind and a flexible attitude. Understanding that the preferred unit might not be available, having a well-thought-out list of alternatives is crucial. This preparation can alleviate last-minute pressure and facilitate a smoother decision-making process. Buyers are encouraged to stay informed about the ongoing bookings, constantly updating their preferences as the situation evolves. This proactive approach ensures that when their ballot number is called, they are ready to make a confident and informed choice, securing a unit that best fits their needs and desires.


The preview, ballot, and booking process at Lentor Hills Residences is a structured journey that blends anticipation, strategy, and decision-making. While it mirrors the typical approach seen in many property launches, the experience at Lentor Hills stands out for its emphasis on buyer engagement and informed choice. Prospective buyers embarking on this journey can expect a well-organized and transparent process, guiding them towards making one of the most significant decisions of their lives – choosing their dream home.

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