Watten House Price

Watten House presents an enticing offering of 180 luxury residential units, with 56 currently available. The units range in size from a generous 990 square feet, perfect for singles or couples, to a more expansive 3,412 square feet suitable for larger families, catering to a plethora of lifestyles and living needs. The units are priced at a per square foot (PSF) rate of $3,118 to $3,504, demonstrating the premium quality and strategic location of the development. With prices commencing from $3.17M and extending up to $11.957M, Watten House presents a valuable opportunity for homebuyers desiring a lavish lifestyle and investors seeking considerable returns. With this range in size and pricing, Watten House assures something for everyone, all nestled within a thriving community.

Watten House Price
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Watten House

in Shelford Road

  • Core Central
  • Prime District
  • D11 - Newton / Novena

590m to DT 8 Tan Kah Kee

  • Jun 2027
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 180 units
  • Available: 33 units
  • Sold: 147 units
10 types 3 Bedroom + Study 10 types 1,539 sqft
$4.799M - $5.056M $3,118 - $3,285 PSF $4.799M - $5.056M
CS1 3 Bedroom + Study CS1 1,539 sqft
$4.957M - $5.056M $3,221 - $3,285 PSF $4.957M - $5.056M
CS1(p1) 3 Bedroom + Study CS1(p1) 1,539 sqft
$4.899M - $4.904M $3,183 - $3,186 PSF $4.899M - $4.904M
CS2 3 Bedroom + Study CS2 1,539 sqft
$4.957M - $5.036M $3,221 - $3,272 PSF $4.957M - $5.036M
CS2(p1) 3 Bedroom + Study CS2(p1) 1,539 sqft
$4.879M - $4.904M $3,170 - $3,186 PSF $4.879M - $4.904M
CS2(p2) 3 Bedroom + Study CS2(p2) 1,539 sqft
$4.976M $3,233 PSF $4.976M
CS4(p1) 3 Bedroom + Study CS4(p1) 1,539 sqft
$4.945M $3,213 PSF $4.945M
CS5 3 Bedroom + Study CS5 1,539 sqft
$5.009M $3,255 PSF $5.009M
CS5(p1) 3 Bedroom + Study CS5(p1) 1,539 sqft
$4.884M $3,173 PSF $4.884M
CS5(p2) 3 Bedroom + Study CS5(p2) 1,539 sqft
$4.976M $3,233 PSF $4.976M
CS6(p1) 3 Bedroom + Study CS6(p1) 1,539 sqft
$4.799M - $4.945M $3,118 - $3,213 PSF $4.799M - $4.945M
2 types 4 Bedroom 2 types 1,851 sqft
$6.047M - $6.135M $3,267 - $3,314 PSF $6.047M - $6.135M
D1(p2) 4 Bedroom D1(p2) 1,851 sqft
$6.047M - $6.081M $3,267 - $3,285 PSF $6.047M - $6.081M
D2(p1) 4 Bedroom D2(p1) 1,851 sqft
$6.135M $3,314 PSF $6.135M
2 types 5 Bedroom 2 types 2,368 sqft
$7.79M - $7.922M $3,290 - $3,345 PSF $7.79M - $7.922M
E1(p1) 5 Bedroom E1(p1) 2,368 sqft
$7.883M - $7.922M $3,329 - $3,345 PSF $7.883M - $7.922M
E1(p2) 5 Bedroom E1(p2) 2,368 sqft
$7.79M $3,290 PSF $7.79M
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Watten House 3 Bedroom Price

The 3-bedroom units at Watten House, with only 2 units remaining out of the total 40 units, encapsulate a winning combination of extravagance and functionality. With a size of 990 square feet, these apartments are meticulously planned to enrich living spaces. The price per square foot for these units ranges from $3,202 to $3,243, reflecting the high-quality finishes and innovative layouts that define Watten House. Price ranges between $3.17M to $3.211M showcase the luxury lifestyle that's on offer. These units are indeed the perfect choice for families or individuals in search of a spacious, modern living environment that provides a blend of extravagant ambiance and home comfort.

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Price

The 3 Bedroom + Study units at Watten House bring luxury living to a new level, with 60 units available, 37 of which remain. Boasting an expansive size of 1,539 square feet, they offer generous living and entertaining spaces seamlessly merging with a dedicated study area. As a nod to the premium quality and sophisticated design of these residences, the price per square foot ranges from $3,118 to $3,263. With overall prices spanning from $4.799M to $5.022M, these premium homes serve as an epitome of high-end living, perfectly catering to families seeking both style and function. Savour the best of life at Watten House, where comfort meets convenience in the most elegant way.

Watten House 4 Bedroom Price

The generous 4 Bedroom units in Watten House exude uncompromising elegance and style. With only 36 units in total and just 9 left available, buyers get a combination of exclusivity and luxury. These expansive residences, sized at 1,851 square feet, provide space and comfort in abundance. The price per square foot varies from $3,291 to $3,351, reflecting the top-tier quality and exquisite design that set Watten House apart. With prices ranging from a formidable $6.092M to $6.202M, these 4-bedroom units are the epitome of high-end living, perfect for large families or those seeking a spacious, stylish home. Watten House guarantees an elevated lifestyle synonymous with luxury.

Watten House 5 Bedroom Price

At the opulent Watten House, the 5 Bedroom units present a blend of luxury and expansive living. With 36 units in total, the availability of these spacious units stands at only six, highlighting their exclusive nature. The size of these plush residences is a generous 2,368 square feet, providing ample space for a comfortable lifestyle. A premium value is reflected in the price per square foot, ranging from $3,242 to $3,345. These architecturally impressive units are priced from $7.678M to $7.922M. The 5-bedroom units at Watten House offer a sophisticated environment and a luxurious haven for those who appreciate finely tuned details and top-notch design.

Watten House Penthouse Price

The exclusive Penthouse units at Watten House, of which only 2 remain out of the 8 originally available, encapsulate opulence and refined living at its finest. These sprawling units, each spanning a vast 3,412 square feet, exemplify unparalleled design innovation and keen attention to detail. With a price per square foot standing at $3,504, Watten House showcases its premium standards in every corner of these extraordinary Penthouses. With an exquisite price tag of $11.957M, these units provide a grand and luxurious living experience for those who desire the epitome of urban sophistication, demonstrating the perfect blend of style, comfort, and exclusive living.

Watten House 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

At Watten House, the 3 Bedroom units are in high demand with a total of 37 units transacted out of the available 40. The most affordably priced unit was transacted at a PSF of $3,092, the unit was located in Block 50, on the 1st floor, Stack 33, and was sold for $3,062,000. On the higher spectrum, the premium unit was transacted at a PSF of $3,252, with a price of $3,780,000, situated in the same Block 50, but on the 5th level, Stack 34. With an average transacted PSF of $3,162, these sales highlight diverse appeal of these units and the market's appreciation for spacious units nestled within Watten House.

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

In the category of 3 Bedroom + Study at Watten House, a total of 22 transactions suggest a keen interest for this type of units. The most budget-friendly unit was in Block 36, on the 4th floor, Stack 03, valued at a PSF of $3,083, and priced at $4,745,000. The higher-end unit resided in Block 50, on the 3rd floor, Stack 32, trading at a PSF of $3,246 fetching a final price of $4,996,000. The average PSF traded at approximately $3,182, demonstrating the market's favor for the added flexibility and usefulness provided by the study space. These figures underline the blend of urban comfort with the necessity for customization and functionality in Watten House.

Watten House 4 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the category of 4 Bedroom units at Watten House, a total of 25 transactions highlight buyers' enthusiasm for these spacious homes. The most economically transacted unit was priced at $5,896,000, at a PSF of $3,185, located in Block 50, on the 3rd floor, Stack 36. On the premium spectrum, the highest transacted unit fetched a price of $6,165,000, positioned in Block 44, on the 5th level, Stack 22, transacted at a PSF of $3,330. The average PSF stands at approximately $3,240, reflecting the market's recognition of the superior comfort and sumptuous space in these Watten House's 4 bedroom units.

Watten House 5 Bedroom Transacted Price

Out of 36 units with five bedrooms in Watten House, 29 transactions exhibited a robust interest, demonstrating the market's taste for these spacious accommodations. The most affordably transacted unit, with a cost per square foot (PSF) of $3,136 was located in Block 46, on the 4th floor, and Stack 26, tagged at $7,427,000. Conversely, the deluxe unit priced at a PSF of $3,289, sold at an asking price of $7,788,000, was in Block 42, on the 3rd floor, and Stack 16. The average transaction PSF stands at approximately $3,229, showcasing the market's recognition for spacious, luxurious living in Watten House.

Watten House Penthouse Transacted Price

At Watten House, the prestigious penthouse category saw a total of 6 transactions, indicative of the appeal for these high-end residences. The lowest priced penthouse was sold for $11,745,000, boasting a PSF value of $3,432 within the elegant Block 38, situated on the 5th level and Stack 9. At a higher price range, the premium penthouse unit, costing a total of $14,496,000, was transacted at a PSF price of $3,545, located in Block 48, with the luxury of being on the 5th floor in Stack 28. These sales represent a balanced blend of luxe living and supreme location, achieving an average PSF of about $3,503.