The Shorefront Price

The Shorefront offers an exciting range of 23 residential units, with a current availability of 17 units. Size options range from a comfortable 775 square feet to a more extensive 1,679 square feet, ensuring the diverse needs of residential buyers are catered to. The price per square foot (PSF) lies between $1,779 and $1,956, highlighting the premium location and quality of these beachfront dwellings. The prices start at $1.471M and escalate to $2.988M, creating enticing purchasing options for both home seekers desiring a luxury living experience and investment-minded individuals. The Shorefront pricing and unit size present opportunities for various buyers, including singles, couples, and growing families wishing to be part of a vibrant coastal community.

The Shorefront Price
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The Shorefront

in Jalan Loyang Besar

  • Outside Central
  • East Region
  • D17 - Changi Airport / Changi Village

1,290m to CR 4 Pasir Ris East

  • Dec 2026
  • 999 Years
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 23 units
  • Available: 17 units
  • Sold: 6 units
5 types 2 Bedroom 5 types 775 - 818 sqft
$1.471M - $1.554M $1,883 - $1,956 PSF $1.471M - $1.554M
A1 2 Bedroom A1 775 sqft
$1.471M - $1.502M $1,898 - $1,938 PSF $1.471M - $1.502M
A1-a 2 Bedroom A1-a 775 sqft
$1.489M $1,921 PSF $1.489M
A1-b 2 Bedroom A1-b 775 sqft
$1.516M $1,956 PSF $1.516M
A2 2 Bedroom A2 818 sqft
$1.54M $1,883 PSF $1.54M
A2-a 2 Bedroom A2-a 818 sqft
$1.554M $1,900 PSF $1.554M
6 types 3 Bedroom 6 types 926 - 980 sqft
$1.739M - $1.869M $1,878 - $1,911 PSF $1.739M - $1.869M
B1 3 Bedroom B1 980 sqft
$1.853M $1,891 PSF $1.853M
B1* 3 Bedroom B1* 980 sqft
$1.851M $1,889 PSF $1.851M
B1-a 3 Bedroom B1-a 980 sqft
$1.869M $1,907 PSF $1.869M
B1-a* 3 Bedroom B1-a* 980 sqft
$1.864M $1,902 PSF $1.864M
B2 3 Bedroom B2 926 sqft
$1.739M - $1.77M $1,878 - $1,911 PSF $1.739M - $1.77M
B2-a 3 Bedroom B2-a 926 sqft
$1.754M $1,894 PSF $1.754M
2 types 3 Bedroom (Loft) 2 types 980 sqft
$1.894M - $1.899M $1,933 - $1,938 PSF $1.894M - $1.899M
B1-G 3 Bedroom (Loft) B1-G 980 sqft
$1.899M $1,938 PSF $1.899M
B1-G* 3 Bedroom (Loft) B1-G* 980 sqft
$1.894M $1,933 PSF $1.894M
1 types 3 Bedroom Penthouse 1 types 1,679 sqft
$2.988M $1,780 PSF $2.988M
C1-PH 3 Bedroom Penthouse C1-PH 1,679 sqft
$2.988M $1,780 PSF $2.988M
1 types 4 Bedroom Penthouse 1 types 1,572 sqft
$2.797M $1,779 PSF $2.797M
C2-PH 4 Bedroom Penthouse C2-PH 1,572 sqft
$2.797M $1,779 PSF $2.797M
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The Shorefront 2 Bedroom Price

The Shorefront 2 Bedroom units provide a superb coastal living experience with only eight units in total and six still available. With sizes ranging from 775 to 818 square feet, they offer adequate living space with stunning views of coastal beauty. The units are priced between $1.471M to $1.554M, reflecting the exclusive lifestyle and grandeur synonymous with The Shorefront. The price per square foot falls in the range of $1,883 to $1,956, depicting the high standard of construction and design ethos that The Shorefront embodies. These 2 Bedroom units are a perfect fit for small families or individuals who appreciate a tranquil and luxe lifestyle.

The Shorefront 3 Bedroom Price

The Shorefront offers a distinctive prospect of well-appointed 3 Bedroom units, of which 7 out of the 10 total units are presently on offer. Each unit, sized between 926-980 square feet, is tailored to maximize comfort and functionality, with prices per square foot varying from $1,878 to $1,911. The luxurious units are available for a price range of $1.739M to $1.869M. Combining convenience, elegance, and thoughtful design, The Shorefront 3 Bedroom units reflect top-notch construction and finishings, making the residency a coveted choice for families or professionals desiring an upscale and modern living experience by the seaside.

The Shorefront 3 Bedroom (Loft) Price

The 3 Bedroom (Loft) units at The Shorefront, limited to a total of 2 units, present an exclusive living opportunity along with elevated luxury. Spanning an impressive size of 980 square feet, these apartements spotlight a meticulous design that optimizes living area. The price per square foot fluctuates between $1,933 to $1,938, underlining the premium quality finishes and considerate design that are symbolic of The Shorefront. Priced between $1.894M to $1.899M, these units emerge as an elite preference for prospective buyers who value sophisticated and luxurious spaces, offering an amalgamation of exquisite accommodation and majesty.

The Shorefront 3 Bedroom Penthouse Price

The Shorefront's 3 Bedroom Penthouse showcases the epitome of premium coastal living. This singular unit, spanning over 1,679 square feet, promises unblocked panoramic views of the sea. The meticulously designed penthouse marries luxury and functionality, creating an exquisite living environment for the modern elite. Priced at $1,780 per square foot, this property reflects high-quality finishes and sophisticated design, making it worth its $2.988M price tag. The 3 Bedroom Penthouse at The Shorefront is undeniably an appealing option for those seeking sumptuous urban living with a touch of the seaside, seamlessly integrating comfort and opulence in one premium package.

The Shorefront 4 Bedroom Penthouse Price

The opulent 4 Bedroom Penthouse at The Shorefront is one-of-a-kind and is currently available for purchase. The luxurious, expansive space measures a generous 1,572 square feet, providing an affluent lifestyle to its residents. The penthouse, symbolizing elegance and grandeur, is priced at an unsurpassable $1,779 per square foot, which places the overall cost at approximately $2.797M. Living in such an upscale residence is a statement of prestige, which is further accentuated by impressive design, unparalleled finishes, and the enchanting view of the serene shoreline. This opulent penthouse not only offers a comfortable living space but also a lifestyle that is second to none.

The Shorefront 2 Bedroom Transacted Price

The 2 Bedroom category at The Shorefront has seen 2 transactions, showcasing the appeal of these spacious units. Six units remain available out of a total of eight. The lowest priced unit, fetching a price of $1,545,000 at a PSF of $1,889, was located in Block 165, on the 4th floor, Stack 04. Conversely, the premium unit sold for $1,560,000 at a lesser PSF of $1,767 but was located on the fifth floor of the same block, stack 04. With an average PSF of approximately $1,828, these sales highlight a consistent demand.

The Shorefront 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

In The Shorefront 3 Bedroom category, 10 units were available in total and 3 transactions have already concluded. The unit with the lowest transaction was priced at $1,858,000, priced at $1,897 PSF located in Block 165, on the 4th floor, Stack 01. On the flip side, the most expensive unit that has been transacted is valued at $1,880,000, priced at $1,919 PSF, situated in Block 165, on the 5th floor, Stack 02. The average PSF price in this category is around $1,906.