Terra Hill Price

Terra Hill showcase a remarkable collection of 270 units, with 160 currently available, crafted to meet various lifestyles and preferences. These units size from the intimate 678 square feet to the more expansive 3,035 square feet, designed to cater to different family sizes and living requirements. The price per square foot (PSF) varies from $2,240 to $2,949, emblematic of its superior quality and strategic location. With a price range of $1.865M to $8.779M, Terra Hill is an alluring prospect for homebuyers seeking a high-end living experience and investors eyeing profitable returns. Its broad pricing and unit sizes ensure options for everyone, from individuals and couples to larger families, all within a thriving, dynamic community.

Terra Hill Price
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Terra Hill

in Yew Siang Road

  • Rest of Central
  • West Region
  • D5 - Buona Vista / West Coast / Clementi New Town

350m to CC 26 Pasir Panjang

  • Sep 2026
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 270 units
  • Available: 156 units
  • Sold: 114 units
2 types 2 Bedroom 2 types 678 - 840 sqft
$1.869M - $2.036M $2,336 - $2,801 PSF $1.869M - $2.036M
B2 2 Bedroom B2 678 sqft
$1.869M - $1.899M $2,757 - $2,801 PSF $1.869M - $1.899M
B2-PH 2 Bedroom B2-PH 840 sqft
$1.962M - $2.036M $2,336 - $2,424 PSF $1.962M - $2.036M
1 types 2 Bedroom + Study 1 types 807 sqft
$2.11M - $2.28M $2,615 - $2,825 PSF $2.11M - $2.28M
B3 2 Bedroom + Study B3 807 sqft
$2.11M - $2.28M $2,615 - $2,825 PSF $2.11M - $2.28M
9 types 3 Bedroom 9 types 904 - 1,335 sqft
$2.351M - $3.143M $2,228 - $2,830 PSF $2.351M - $3.143M
C1 3 Bedroom C1 904 sqft
$2.351M $2,601 PSF $2.351M
C2 3 Bedroom C2 904 sqft
$2.351M - $2.558M $2,601 - $2,830 PSF $2.351M - $2.558M
C3 3 Bedroom C3 969 sqft
$2.361M - $2.431M $2,437 - $2,509 PSF $2.361M - $2.431M
C4 3 Bedroom C4 1,076 sqft
$2.66M - $2.963M $2,472 - $2,754 PSF $2.66M - $2.963M
C5 3 Bedroom C5 1,087 sqft
$2.745M - $2.993M $2,525 - $2,753 PSF $2.745M - $2.993M
C6 3 Bedroom C6 1,098 sqft
$2.812M - $2.971M $2,561 - $2,706 PSF $2.812M - $2.971M
C7-PH 3 Bedroom C7-PH 1,249 sqft
$2.834M - $3.021M $2,269 - $2,419 PSF $2.834M - $3.021M
C8-PH 3 Bedroom C8-PH 1,335 sqft
$3.143M $2,354 PSF $3.143M
C9-PH 3 Bedroom C9-PH 1,335 sqft
$2.975M - $3.143M $2,228 - $2,354 PSF $2.975M - $3.143M
8 types 4 Bedroom 8 types 1,302 - 1,894 sqft
$3.434M - $5.613M $2,294 - $2,964 PSF $3.434M - $5.613M
D1 4 Bedroom D1 1,302 sqft
$3.468M $2,664 PSF $3.468M
D2 4 Bedroom D2 1,313 sqft
$3.434M - $3.603M $2,615 - $2,744 PSF $3.434M - $3.603M
D3 4 Bedroom D3 1,335 sqft
$3.459M - $3.564M $2,591 - $2,670 PSF $3.459M - $3.564M
D4-PH 4 Bedroom D4-PH 1,539 sqft
$3.531M - $3.668M $2,294 - $2,383 PSF $3.531M - $3.668M
D5-PH 4 Bedroom D5-PH 1,830 sqft
$4.38M - $4.627M $2,393 - $2,528 PSF $4.38M - $4.627M
D6-PH 4 Bedroom D6-PH 1,851 sqft
$4.435M - $4.685M $2,396 - $2,531 PSF $4.435M - $4.685M
D7-PH 4 Bedroom D7-PH 1,862 sqft
$4.463M - $4.714M $2,397 - $2,532 PSF $4.463M - $4.714M
DP1 4 Bedroom DP1 1,894 sqft
$5.288M - $5.613M $2,792 - $2,964 PSF $5.288M - $5.613M
4 types 5 Bedroom 4 types 2,120 - 3,035 sqft
$5.476M - $8.823M $2,534 - $2,907 PSF $5.476M - $8.823M
E1-PH 5 Bedroom E1-PH 2,120 sqft
$5.515M $2,601 PSF $5.515M
E2-PH 5 Bedroom E2-PH 2,142 sqft
$5.476M - $5.573M $2,556 - $2,602 PSF $5.476M - $5.573M
E3-PH 5 Bedroom E3-PH 2,164 sqft
$5.483M $2,534 PSF $5.483M
EP1-PH 5 Bedroom EP1-PH 3,035 sqft
$8.67M - $8.823M $2,857 - $2,907 PSF $8.67M - $8.823M
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Terra Hill 2 Bedroom Price

The 2 Bedroom units at Terra Hill, with only 5 units available out of the total 30, provide an upscale living environment fitted for utmost comfort and relaxation. They come in sizes ranging from 678 to 840 square feet, thoughtfully designed to optimize living areas and offering generous living space. They present a price per square foot that varies between $2,330 to $2,795, reflecting the exceptional quality of Terra Hill's units. With prices starting from $1.865M and going up to $2.03M, these two-bedroom units offer both a luxurious and comfortable environment, making them an excellent option for those aspiring for a balanced lifestyle amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Terra Hill 2 Bedroom + Study Price

The 2 Bedroom + Study units at Terra Hill, with an inventory of 40 units, are now limited to 13 available slots. Specifically designed for versatility with a sizeable area of 807 square feet, you'll find these condos brilliantly space-optimized while incorporating an extra study room that perfectly fits a home workspace or hobby lounge. The price per square foot falls between $2,606 and $2,815, underscoring the notable finishes and deliberate architecture that differentiate Terra Hill. With units priced from $2.103M to $2.272M, they present an excellent selection for those seeking a chic, high-end dwelling that expertly combines work, rest, and play within the homely yet luxurious confines.

Terra Hill 3 Bedroom Price

The 3 Bedroom units at Terra Hill, with a substantial availability of 85 out of 126 units, promise a spacious and luxurious dwelling experience. Ranging in size from 904 to 1,335 square feet, these residences are thoughtfully designed to facilitate a gratifying lifestyle. Every square foot of these units, priced between $2,240 and $2,829, encapsulates top-tier finishes and modern design elements that personify Terra Hill. With overall prices falling between $2.352M to $3.157M, these units are an ideal investment for those seeking to revel in a sophisticated living environment, seamlessly merging style, comfort, and convenience within the confines of their home.

Terra Hill 4 Bedroom Price

The highly sought out 4-bedroom units at Terra Hill project a luxurious living environment ideal for families and investors. Out of the 63 units available, 48 remain captivating potential buyers. The spacious apartments, ranging between 1,302 and 1,894 square feet, are thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall residential experience. The price per square foot ranges from $2,305 to $2,949, reflecting the high-end finishes and strategic layouts that Terra Hill Units embody. With prices ranging from $3.451M to $5.585M, these units are a perfect choice for those seeking an opulent residential experience, offering a combination of comfort, style, and practicality, which is hard to match.

Terra Hill 5 Bedroom Price

The 5 Bedroom units at Terra Hill offer expansive living space, perfect for growing families or homeowners who value roominess. With only 11 units in total but 9 still available, this unique offering is a true gem in the property market. Units vary from 2,120 to 3,035 square feet, providing ample space for various living arrangements. PSF ranges from $2,537 to $2,893, indicating the excellent quality of these units' finishes and design. With pricing from $5.483M to $8.779M, these properties are perfect for buyers seeking a luxurious, spacious home within Terra Hill.

Terra Hill 2 Bedroom Transacted Price

At Terra Hill, 25 transactions out of 30 available 2-bedroom units suggest a buoyant demand. The least expensive unit, with a PSF of $2,491, was priced at $1,555,000, located in Block 18B, on the 2nd level, Stack 17. On the other hand, the premium unit was transacted at a PSF of $2,449 totaling $2,056,000, positioned in Block 18, on the 5th level, Stack 01. The sales at an average PSF around $2,570 indicate the market's recognition for Terra Hill's quality, component of upscale urban living mixed with customization and functionality.

Terra Hill 2 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

In the 2 Bedroom + Study category at Terra Hill, 27 transactions highlight a strong interest in these adaptable spaces. The most affordably transacted unit, at a PSF of $2,564, was sold for $2,070,000, located in Block 18A, on the 2nd level, Stack 13. Conversely, the premium unit, sold at a PSF of $2,790, was secured at a price of $2,252,000, positioned in Block 22B, on the 4th level, Stack 51. With an average PSF of approximately $2,708, these sales reflect the market's enthusiasm for the added versatility provided by the study area, integrating urban convenience with the desire for versatility in Terra Hill.

Terra Hill 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

The Terra Hill have seen good demand for their 3 Bedroom units, as evident from 41 transactions. The most affordably transacted unit sat in Block 22A, on the 1st level, Stack 42, priced at $2,292,000, or $2,535 per SQF. At the higher end, a premium unit transacted for $3,016,000, situated in Block 18B, on the 4th level, Stack 19, with a SQF of $2,747. The average PSF stood at $2,671, demonstrating the market s acknowledgment of the blend of comfort and functionality offered by these units.

Terra Hill 4 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 4-bedroom segment at Terra Hill, a total of 14 transactions showcase a preference for spacious living. The most cost-effective unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,663, bore a price tag of $3,497,000, located at Block 22B, on the first floor, Stack 53. On the flip side, the pinnacle unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,922, fetched a sum of $5,535,000, laid out in Block 20B, on the 4th floor, Stack 29. This size class averages a PSF of about $2,759. These sales underline the market's recognition of space and convenience being ideal for large families at Terra Hill.

Terra Hill 5 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the five-bedroom category at Terra Hill, 11 units have been listed, out of which 2 transactions have already taken place. The most affordable unit transacted for $8,050,000 at a price per square foot (PSF) of $2,652, was housed within Block 20, on the 5th level, Stack 26. Contrarily, the highest-priced unit went for $8,200,000, transacted at a PSF of $2,701, located also within Block 20, on the 5th level, Stack 25. The average PSF stands at approximately $2,676 illustrating the market's preference for spacious and luxurious living in Terra Hill.