Orchard Sophia Price

Orchard Sophia presents a remarkable selection of 78 exclusive residential units, with a generously spacious range of 581 to 840 square feet. These units have been thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse lifestyle needs, offering a luxurious living experience. Available at a price ranging between $1.729M to $2.491M, Orchard Sophia provides an attractive investment opportunity with promising returns. The price per square foot (PSF) varies from $2,802 to $3,000, indicative of the premium quality and prime location of this project. With 42 out of 78 units currently available, this promising development suits every need, from singles to growing families, ushering them into a thriving and dynamic community.

Orchard Sophia Price
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Orchard Sophia

in Sophia Road

  • Core Central
  • Prime District
  • D9 - Orchard / River Valley

460m to NE 6CC 1NS 24 Dhoby Ghaut

  • Aug 2027
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 78 units
  • Available: 41 units
  • Sold: 37 units
3 types 2 Bedroom Deluxe 3 types 581 sqft
$1.643M - $1.733M $2,828 - $2,983 PSF $1.643M - $1.733M
B1a 2 Bedroom Deluxe B1a 581 sqft
$1.643M $2,828 PSF $1.643M
B1b 2 Bedroom Deluxe B1b 581 sqft
$1.653M - $1.685M $2,845 - $2,900 PSF $1.653M - $1.685M
B2 2 Bedroom Deluxe B2 581 sqft
$1.677M - $1.733M $2,886 - $2,983 PSF $1.677M - $1.733M
13 types 2 Bedroom Premium 13 types 592 - 689 sqft
$1.711M - $2.021M $2,837 - $3,000 PSF $1.711M - $2.021M
C1b 2 Bedroom Premium C1b 667 sqft
$1.93M - $1.982M $2,894 - $2,972 PSF $1.93M - $1.982M
C2a 2 Bedroom Premium C2a 592 sqft
$1.711M $2,890 PSF $1.711M
C2b 2 Bedroom Premium C2b 592 sqft
$1.722M $2,909 PSF $1.722M
C3a 2 Bedroom Premium C3a 624 sqft
$1.787M $2,864 PSF $1.787M
C3b 2 Bedroom Premium C3b 635 sqft
$1.864M - $1.881M $2,935 - $2,962 PSF $1.864M - $1.881M
C4 2 Bedroom Premium C4 603 sqft
$1.789M $2,967 PSF $1.789M
C5a 2 Bedroom Premium C5a 646 sqft
$1.858M $2,876 PSF $1.858M
C5b 2 Bedroom Premium C5b 646 sqft
$1.869M - $1.919M $2,893 - $2,971 PSF $1.869M - $1.919M
C6a 2 Bedroom Premium C6a 635 sqft
$1.808M $2,847 PSF $1.808M
C6b 2 Bedroom Premium C6b 657 sqft
$1.882M - $1.934M $2,865 - $2,944 PSF $1.882M - $1.934M
C7a 2 Bedroom Premium C7a 646 sqft
$1.833M $2,837 PSF $1.833M
C7b 2 Bedroom Premium C7b 689 sqft
$1.967M - $2.021M $2,855 - $2,933 PSF $1.967M - $2.021M
C8 2 Bedroom Premium C8 635 sqft
$1.844M - $1.905M $2,904 - $3,000 PSF $1.844M - $1.905M
1 types 3 Bedroom 1 types 764 sqft
$2.166M $2,835 PSF $2.166M
D1 3 Bedroom D1 764 sqft
$2.166M $2,835 PSF $2.166M
1 types 3 Bedroom Dual-Key 1 types 829 sqft
$2.323M $2,802 PSF $2.323M
DK2a 3 Bedroom Dual-Key DK2a 829 sqft
$2.323M $2,802 PSF $2.323M
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Orchard Sophia 2 Bedroom Deluxe Price

The 2 Bedroom Deluxe units at Orchard Sophia, offer a unique blend of luxury and space. With a generous size of 581 square feet, these units are perfectly crafted for those who crave a spacious environment. The price per square foot for these units ranges from $2,828 to $2,983, reflecting the exquisite finishes and intricate design that epitomize Orchard Sophia. With asking prices from $1.729M to $1.824M, these deluxe apartments with 9 units still available are a perfect consideration for individuals or couples seeking a refined, upscale domestic ambiance that blends rest and play perfectly within the comfort of home.

Orchard Sophia 2 Bedroom Premium Price

The 2 Bedroom Premium units at Orchard Sophia offer an elevated level of luxury and sophistication. With a limited availability of 30 units out of a total of 40, these meticulously designed apartments range in size from 592 to 689 square feet, presenting an optimal blend of comfort and functionality. Priced at $2,837 to $3,000 per square foot, these units exemplify the high-quality finish and thoughtful design indicative of Orchard Sophia. With a price bracket of $1.801M to $2.127M, these premium 2 Bedroom units are a superb investment or dwelling choice for those who appreciate a modern, chic living environment within the throbbing heart of the city.

Orchard Sophia 3 Bedroom Price

The 3 Bedroom units at Orchard Sophia, with their limited availability of 1 out of 3 units, offer a unique blend of luxury and spaciousness. The generously proportioned, meticulously designed apartment, sized 764 square feet, fits the bill of grandeur and functionality impeccably. The price per square foot for this unit is $2,835, a reflection of the superlative finishes, thoughtful design, and prime location that distinguish Orchard Sophia. Priced at $2.28M, this unit is an exceptional choice for families or investors seeking a modern, upscale living environment that offers an unmatched blend of comfort, style, and convenience right at the heart of the city.

Orchard Sophia 1 Bedroom Transacted Price

The 1 Bedroom category at Orchard Sophia had a relatively dynamic transaction history, with 13 recorded dealings, demonstrating robust interest in these units. The lowest transacted unit, located in Block 128, on the first level, Stack 01, was priced at $1,229,000 at a PSF of $2,785. Conversely, the most lavish unit traded was found in the same block, on the fifth level, Stack 04, and fetched a price of $1,352,000, at a PSF of $2,855. On average, units were traded at approximately $2,821 PSF. This variety of transactions mirrors the demand for diverse preferences and lifestyles, affixing a vibrant and diverse appeal to Orchard Sophia's 1 Bedroom units.

Orchard Sophia 2 Bedroom Deluxe Transacted Price

At Orchard Sophia, the 2 Bedroom Deluxe category shows high potential, albeit limited availability. The sole transacted unit, displaying both luxury and refinement in its design and location, fetched a striking price of $1,648,000. This unit, housed in Block 130 on the 5th level, Stack 09, boasts an impressive PSF of $2,835. This transaction not only underscores the value of luxury living in the heart of the city at Orchard Sophia but also highlights the strong market potential of these exclusive units. With nine more 2 Bedroom Deluxe units left for purchase in this coveted property, buyers are offered a chance to seize top-class living in this urban haven.

Orchard Sophia 2 Bedroom Premium Transacted Price

In the 2 Bedroom Premium category at Orchard Sophia, 9 transactions demonstrate its popularity amongst buyers. The most cost-effective unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,789, cost $1,561,000 and is located in Block 128, on the 1st level, Stack 06. On the premium end, the luxurious unit that sold at a PSF of $2,820, commanded a price of $1,791,000, situated in Block 128, on the 3rd level, Stack 03. An average PSF of $2,832 characterizes these transactions, underlining recognition for the abundant space and luxury embodied in these units at Orchard Sophia.

Orchard Sophia 2 Bedroom Prestige Transacted Price

In the 2 Bedroom Prestige category at Orchard Sophia, a total of 4 transactions were recorded, indicating discerning interest in these luxurious units. The least expensive transacted unit was situated in Block 130, on the 1st level, Stack 11, with a unit price of $1,962,000, transacting at a PSF of $2,762. The most premium unit recorded was also located in Block 130, on the 5th level, Stack 11, with a unit price of $2,037,000 transacting at a PSF of $2,867. The average PSF stood at approximately $2,820. These transactions highlight the appeal of these high-end units, offering elegance and exclusivity in the heart of Orchard Sophia.

Orchard Sophia 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

At Orchard Sophia, the three-bedroom units have seen high transactions, indicating robust demand. The lowest transacted unit, sold at a PSF of $2,765, was priced at $2,113,000 and located in Block 128, on the 4th floor, Stack 07. Moving on the upper end, a premium unit was purchased at a PSF of $2,782, garnering a price of $2,126,000, and positioned in Block 128, on the 5th level, Stack 07. With an average PSF of about $2,774, these sales demonstrate market recognition of the value in spacious family living offered by the three-bedroom units in Orchard Sophia.