IKIGAI presents a limited selection of 16 premier residential units, of which only three remain available. The lavish spaces range from 1,496 to 1,915 square feet, able to accommodate diverse lifestyle needs and preferences. The price per square foot (PSF) is set between $2,313 to $2,316, indicative of IKIGAI's luxurious quality and ideal positioning. Prices extend from $3.465M to $4.43M, providing an appealing investment for those seeking premium living or strong returns. IKIGAI truly caters to all, from individuals to large families, offering a unique opportunity to be part of an exclusive and thriving community.

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IKIGAI 3 Bedroom Penthouse Price

The 3 Bedroom Penthouse at IKIGAI, with only two available units, offers unrivaled luxury and space for a sophisticated living experience. Sized between 1,496 and 1,571 square feet, these apartments encapsulate elegant design and premium finishing. The price per square foot for these units ranges from $2,314 to $2,316, indicative of the high-quality and luxurious nature that defines IKIGAI. Priced between $3.465M to $3.636M, these units are a perfect match for those seeking an upscale and plush living environment. Embrace a distinctive lifestyle that perfectly harmonizes comfort with grandeur at the heart of the IKIGAI penthouses.

IKIGAI 3 Bedroom + Study Penthouse Price

The 3 Bedroom + Study Penthouse at IKIGAI, with only one exclusive unit available, encapsulates luxurious and purposeful living. Spanning across 1,915 square feet, this penthouse embodies a delicate balance of private living areas and a study room that can double up as a professional workspace or an imaginative sanctuary. With a PSF of $2,313, its price reflects the premium quality finishes and ingenious design synonymous with IKIGAI. Priced at $4.43M, this penthouse is a perfect match for those seeking an upscale residential habitat where work and relaxation blend harmoniously within a homely setting. Make it not just your home, but your IKIGAI - your reason for being.

IKIGAI 1 Bedroom + Study Transacted Price

In the 1 Bedroom + Study unit type at IKIGAI, 7 transactions were recorded, underscoring a steady interest in these versatile units. The most affordably transacted unit was priced at $1,280,000, at a PSF of $2,121, located in Block 38, on the 2nd level, Stack 04. The highest priced premium unit was $1,480,000, with a PSF standing at $2,330, situated in the same Block 38, on the 3rd level, Stack 03. This equates to an average PSF of around $2,225, demonstrating the market's recognition of value due to the unit's additional study space.

IKIGAI 2 Bedroom Premium Transacted Price

There have been 3 transactions of 2 Bedroom Premium units at IKIGAI, showcasing the market interest in these luxury options. The unit with the lowest transaction, Block 38, was located on the 2nd level, Stack 02, and was sold at a PSF of $2,271, fetching a price of $2,200,000. Meanwhile, the highest transacted unit, was also in Block 38, but on the 4th level, Stack 02, was sold at a PSF of $2,333, realizing a price of $2,259,907. With an average PSF of $2,305, these transactions highlight the market's regard for the premium offerings and the location advantage of IKIGAI.

IKIGAI 2 Bedroom + Study Premium Transacted Price

In IKIGAI's 2 Bedroom + Study Premium category, the precious two transactions testify to the allure of these multifunctional units. The first transacted unit, procured at a PSF of $2,281, was priced at $2,480,000, stationed in Block 38, on the 4th level, Stack 01. The premium unit, transacted at a higher PSF of $2,327, commanded a price of $2,530,000, located in the same block, but on the lower 3rd floor (an anomaly in height-to-price relation). The numbers average at an attractive PSF of $2,304, speaking to the market's keen interest in these well-equipped units that blend the benefits of city living with the demand for individualization and functionality embodied at IKIGAI.