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Atlassia prides itself on offering a limited collection of 31 exclusive residential units to cater to a wide array of lifestyles and types of homeowners. Comprising of spacious accommodations ranging from 1,098 to 1,292 square feet, these ritzy units allow for an upscale living experience. With an impressive PSF between $2,188 to $2,458, the price reflects both its top-notch quality and desirable location. The price brackets span from a competitive $2.402M to $3.085M, providing a beguiling opportunity for property-seekers and shrewd investors. The variety in pricing and sizes ensures there's a perfect fit for everyone, be it singles, couples, or larger families, all set within a thriving community with only 5 units still up for grabs.

Atlassia Price
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Atlassia 2 + 1 Bedroom Price

Offering practicality wrapped in luxury, Atlassia presents its 2+1 bedroom units. Limited to 6 in total with only 3 remaining, these units spanning 1,281 to 1,292 square feet provide ample living space complemented by an extra room ideal for a home office or relaxation area. Price per square foot stands at $2,388, demonstrating the high-end design and quality finishes that define Atlassia. With prices ranging from $3.059M to $3.085M, these units cater to the discerning individuals or families seeking a sophisticated living environment that harmoniously blends everyday life with posh style, within the convenience of well-thought-out living spaces.

Atlassia 1 Bedroom Transacted Price

The Atlassia reports a single transaction in the 1 Bedroom category, reflected in the sale of one unique unit fetching a price of $1,116,031. This residential unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,206, is located in Block 40 on the 2nd level, Stack 01. With no other units available for comparison, this high PSF underscores the value of scarcity and select lifestyle preferences catered by this property. The healthy transacted price reaffirms the market's response to this offering by Atlassia, where subtle extravagance meets urban living encapsulated in a compact yet lavish 1 bedroom setting.

Atlassia 2 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 2 Bedroom category at Atlassia, there were 13 transactions indicating a steady demand for these spacious accommodations. The most affordably transacted unit, with a PSF of $2,156, went for an impressive $1,252,925 price, nestled in Block 40, on the 3rd floor, Stack 04. Reaching for the higher end, the top-tier unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,064, reached a price of $1,399,392, located in the same Block 40, but on the 4th floor, Stack 06. With an average PSF of about $2,128, these sales accentuate the market's recognition of value encapsulated in these 2-bedroom units at Atlassia, reflecting a balance between ample space for comfort and prime location appeal.

Atlassia 2 + 1 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the Atlassia's 2 + 1 Bedroom category, a total of 6 units were reported with only three units remaining. The number of transactions shows a clear demand for such functional units. The unit with the lowest transaction, located in Block 40 on the 2nd level, Stack 07, was offloaded for a PSF of $1,901, at a price of $2,373,125. Conversely, the highest transacted unit in the same block, on the same floor, but Stack 11, was sold at a PSF of $2,036, costing buyers $2,585,427. The average PSF is approximately $1,948, indicating the market values the additional bedroom and functional design that these units offer.

Atlassia 3 Bedroom Transacted Price

Two transactions were recorded in the 3-bedroom category at Atlassia, reflecting an enticing draw for these ample units. The most economically transacted unit, at a PSF of $1,999, was priced at $2,496,102, located in Block 40, on the 2nd floor, Stack 13. On the opposite spectrum, the top-tier unit, transacted at a PSF of $1,983, fetched a price of $2,496,921, situated in the same block and floor, but in Stack 06. These sales, with an average PSF of approximately $1,991 underline the market's draw towards these spacious units, blending the comfort of large family-centric living with Atlassia's optimal location.

Atlassia 3 + 1 Bedroom Price

The luxurious 3 + 1 Bedroom units at Atlassia are now available, with only two units on offer. Providing a perfect balance of opulence and functionality, these units span sizes from 1,098 to 1,141 square feet, including an additional room that could be used as a guest room, home office, or recreation space. The units are meticulously crafted, and the price per square foot ranges from $2,188 to $2,458, indicative of the excellent craftsmanship and extraordinary design ethos of Atlassia. Priced between $2.402M and $2.805M, these units cater perfectly to families looking for an expansive, high-end living space equipped with an extra room for added versatility.

Atlassia 4 Bedroom Transacted Price

In the 4 Bedroom category at Atlassia, there were only three transactions, suggesting an exclusive demand for these units. The most affordably transacted unit, with a PSF of $2,078, fetched a price of $2,348,674, situated in Block 40, on the 5th level, Stack 05. At the other end of the spectrum, the premium unit, transacted at a PSF of $2,234, commanded a price of $2,741,026, located in Block 40, on the 5th floor, Stack 06. With an average PSF of approximately $2,171, the transactions indicate the market's valuation of spacious living in Atlassia.