West Coast New Launch Condo

West Coast is a great place if you are looking for a peaceful area in Singapore that is easily accessible from the bustling city. The demographics of West Coast are very diverse with a mixture of locals as well as expats.

This is why amenities of all kinds can be found here. Scoring a West Coast New Condo is a big win because not only will you be living in a high-value property, but you will also be able to customize your life according to your liking.

Whistler Grand - West Coast
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Terra Hill

in Yew Siang Road

  • Rest of Central
  • West Region
  • D5 - Buona Vista / West Coast / Clementi New Town

350m to CC 26 Pasir Panjang

  • Sep 2026
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 270 units
  • Available: 162 units
  • Sold: 108 units
2 types 2 Bedroom 2 types 678 - 840 sqft
$1.865M - $2.03M $2,330 - $2,795 PSF $1.865M - $2.03M
B2 2 Bedroom B2 678 sqft
$1.865M - $1.895M $2,751 - $2,795 PSF $1.865M - $1.895M
B2-PH 2 Bedroom B2-PH 840 sqft
$1.957M - $2.03M $2,330 - $2,417 PSF $1.957M - $2.03M
1 types 2 Bedroom + Study 1 types 807 sqft
$2.103M - $2.272M $2,606 - $2,815 PSF $2.103M - $2.272M
B3 2 Bedroom + Study B3 807 sqft
$2.103M - $2.272M $2,606 - $2,815 PSF $2.103M - $2.272M
9 types 3 Bedroom 9 types 904 - 1,335 sqft
$2.352M - $3.157M $2,240 - $2,829 PSF $2.352M - $3.157M
C1 3 Bedroom C1 904 sqft
$2.352M $2,602 PSF $2.352M
C2 3 Bedroom C2 904 sqft
$2.352M - $2.557M $2,602 - $2,829 PSF $2.352M - $2.557M
C3 3 Bedroom C3 969 sqft
$2.424M - $2.494M $2,502 - $2,574 PSF $2.424M - $2.494M
C4 3 Bedroom C4 1,076 sqft
$2.734M - $2.978M $2,541 - $2,768 PSF $2.734M - $2.978M
C5 3 Bedroom C5 1,087 sqft
$2.761M - $3.007M $2,540 - $2,766 PSF $2.761M - $3.007M
C6 3 Bedroom C6 1,098 sqft
$2.827M - $2.983M $2,575 - $2,717 PSF $2.827M - $2.983M
C7-PH 3 Bedroom C7-PH 1,249 sqft
$2.849M - $3.035M $2,281 - $2,430 PSF $2.849M - $3.035M
C8-PH 3 Bedroom C8-PH 1,335 sqft
$2.99M - $3.157M $2,240 - $2,365 PSF $2.99M - $3.157M
C9-PH 3 Bedroom C9-PH 1,335 sqft
$2.99M - $3.157M $2,240 - $2,365 PSF $2.99M - $3.157M
8 types 4 Bedroom 8 types 1,302 - 1,894 sqft
$3.451M - $5.585M $2,305 - $2,949 PSF $3.451M - $5.585M
D2 4 Bedroom D2 1,313 sqft
$3.451M - $3.619M $2,628 - $2,756 PSF $3.451M - $3.619M
D3 4 Bedroom D3 1,335 sqft
$3.476M - $3.581M $2,604 - $2,682 PSF $3.476M - $3.581M
D1 4 Bedroom D1 1,302 sqft
$3.485M $2,677 PSF $3.485M
D4-PH 4 Bedroom D4-PH 1,539 sqft
$3.548M - $3.684M $2,305 - $2,394 PSF $3.548M - $3.684M
D5-PH 4 Bedroom D5-PH 1,830 sqft
$4.393M - $4.638M $2,401 - $2,534 PSF $4.393M - $4.638M
D6-PH 4 Bedroom D6-PH 1,851 sqft
$4.447M - $4.696M $2,402 - $2,537 PSF $4.447M - $4.696M
D7-PH 4 Bedroom D7-PH 1,862 sqft
$4.475M - $4.725M $2,403 - $2,538 PSF $4.475M - $4.725M
DP1 4 Bedroom DP1 1,894 sqft
$5.261M - $5.585M $2,778 - $2,949 PSF $5.261M - $5.585M
3 types 5 Bedroom 3 types 2,120 - 3,035 sqft
$5.483M - $8.779M $2,560 - $2,893 PSF $5.483M - $8.779M
E2-PH 5 Bedroom E2-PH 2,142 sqft
$5.483M - $5.58M $2,560 - $2,605 PSF $5.483M - $5.58M
E1-PH 5 Bedroom E1-PH 2,120 sqft
$5.522M $2,605 PSF $5.522M
EP1-PH 5 Bedroom EP1-PH 3,035 sqft
$8.626M - $8.779M $2,842 - $2,893 PSF $8.626M - $8.779M
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West Coast and Nearby Locations

You can reach the West Coast, without any trouble, from multiple parts of Singapore. The area has several MRT stations in its surrounding including the Clementi MRT Station and the Dover MRT Station.

Its very own West Coast MRT station is expected to be completed by 2032 and will be a modern, underground station. Reaching areas in close proximity such as Dover and Buona Vista will get even easier.

Factors to consider when buying a New Launch Condo in West Coast

There are certain points that you should keep in mind before getting your hands on a West Coast New Launch. The following are some factors you should consider specifically when purchasing a condo in this area:

  • Navigate your neighborhood. If you are an individual, make sure that all your required facilities are present close to your condo. If you are planning to make your condo a family home, make sure to check whether the schools are accessible from the condo under inspection.
  • Your budget matters. It is necessary to know the exact range of money you can afford to spend on your condo. This will also help you specify your list of condos and reduce the overall trouble.
  • Always check the fittings in your condo. Every project is different, and developers usually have varying approaches when building condos. This is why you need to check for yourself if the condo you have selected has proper fittings and is appropriate to live in.

The Benefits of Living in a New Launch Condo in a West Coast

Living in a West Coast New Condo has multiple benefits that you can reap.

All your grocery needs can be fulfilled within minutes. Many convenience stores are located in the neighboring areas including popular stores such as Cheers and FairPrice Xpress. It will take you less than 10 minutes to reach these stores from your condo in West Coast.

Alongside your grocery needs, you can also keep up with your healthcare requirements by visiting the hospitals in West Coast. The Ng Teng Fong General Hospital is a large-scale hospital that is open around the clock. The Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic is also a great place for short checkups and emergencies.

Last but not the least, there are many schools located in West Coast from which families can choose the pick for their child. The Japanese Secondary School and the International Community School are a part of this list.

The Demand for New Launch Condos in West Coast

In the West Coast area, you can find several activities to keep yourself and your loved ones entertained.

There are many retail places near West Coast to satisfy your shopping needs. You can visit the West Coast Plaza and NEWest to take advantage of the retail as well as the food options present there.

Apart from the malls, the West Coast Food Centre has several dining options for people with different tastes. You can find a large variety of food items here ranging from local dishes to international cuisines.

West Coast is also an ideal place for outdoor and sports related recreational activities. The Clementi Woods Park and West Coast Park are great for you to take some time off to jog or cycle. The Clementi Stadium is also close and has a running track as well as a squash court for its visitors to enjoy.

Top 3 New Launch Condos in West Coast

The following are our favorite West Coast New Condos. You can start your property search by looking into these state-of-the-art properties located in West Coast.

Whistler Grand

This is a project being developed by City Development (CDL) over an area of 210,883 sq ft. The property contains 716 residential units with 1 to 5-bedroom condos.

Within the premises of Whistler Grand you can find the wellness club and the leisure club where you can relax at the pool or make use of the yoga deck. You can also take part in several sports at the adventure club where facilities are present for children as well as for adults.

Normanton Park

Normanton Park is being developed by Kingsford Huray Development and is expected to reach completion in 2023. It is a large-scale development with a total of 1862 residential units. Most of these are divided into nine, 24-storey blocs.

The project contains a massive list of amenities that will be present within the premises of Normanton Park. It will also have its own restaurant and 7 units of retail shops.

Twin VEW

This is a development project by CSC Land Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd and is based on an area of 176,291 sqft. It contains a total of 520 residential units divided into two, 36-storey towers. 

Twin VEW also contains two shopping units of its own as well as a basement car park and a childcare center. On top of this, there are multiple sky terraces and courts created for the residents.

Interest among buyers in West Coast New Launch Condos

In conclusion, West Coast New Launch Condos will make a perfect home for anyone. Who doesn’t like a peaceful home with every possible amenity in reach? There are many recreational activities as well to keep you occupied.

Most of these developments are made on a massive scale by highly trained professionals and contain the finest fittings. Do not waste an opportunity to buy a condo in the West Coast because you will surely end up regretting it later!