Tanjong Pagar New Launch Condo

It is not possible to overlook Tanjong Pagar when searching for a property in Singapore. This area, due to its transition from a fishing village to an urban hub, includes facilities for people from all spheres.

Tanjong Pagar New Condos have gained a significant amount of relevance over the past decade. If you want to stay in touch with the cultural roots of the area while enjoying your urban lifestyle, this part of the country is the perfect pick for you!

One Bernam - Tanjong Pagar
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Mixed Development
21 1 4
One Bernam

in Bernam Street

  • Core Central
  • Downtown Core
  • D2 - Chinatown / Tanjong Pagar

430m to EW 15 Tanjong Pagar

  • Mar 2026
  • 99 Years
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 351 units
  • Available: 126 units
  • Sold: 225 units
3 types 1 Bedroom 3 types 441 - 463 sqft
$1.548M - $1.714M $3,343 - $3,739 PSF $1.548M - $1.714M
A1 1 Bedroom A1 452 sqft
$1.557M - $1.675M $3,445 - $3,706 PSF $1.557M - $1.675M
A2 1 Bedroom A2 441 sqft
$1.57M - $1.649M $3,560 - $3,739 PSF $1.57M - $1.649M
A3 1 Bedroom A3 463 sqft
$1.548M - $1.714M $3,343 - $3,702 PSF $1.548M - $1.714M
4 types 2 Bedroom 4 types 700 - 732 sqft
$1.994M - $2.386M $2,784 - $3,394 PSF $1.994M - $2.386M
B1 2 Bedroom B1 732 sqft
$2.06M - $2.363M $2,814 - $3,228 PSF $2.06M - $2.363M
B2 2 Bedroom B2 732 sqft
$2.038M - $2.386M $2,784 - $3,260 PSF $2.038M - $2.386M
B3 2 Bedroom B3 700 sqft
$2.195M - $2.341M $3,136 - $3,344 PSF $2.195M - $2.341M
B4 2 Bedroom B4 700 sqft
$1.994M - $2.376M $2,849 - $3,394 PSF $1.994M - $2.376M
4 types 2 Bedroom + Study 4 types 807 - 872 sqft
$2.348M - $2.853M $2,810 - $3,441 PSF $2.348M - $2.853M
BS1 2 Bedroom + Study BS1 829 sqft
$2.348M - $2.853M $2,832 - $3,441 PSF $2.348M - $2.853M
BS2 2 Bedroom + Study BS2 829 sqft
$2.348M - $2.853M $2,832 - $3,441 PSF $2.348M - $2.853M
BS3 2 Bedroom + Study BS3 807 sqft
$2.356M - $2.658M $2,919 - $3,294 PSF $2.356M - $2.658M
BS4 2 Bedroom + Study BS4 872 sqft
$2.45M - $2.694M $2,810 - $3,089 PSF $2.45M - $2.694M
1 types 3 Bedroom 1 types 1,421 sqft
$3.632M - $4.26M $2,556 - $2,998 PSF $3.632M - $4.26M
C1 3 Bedroom C1 1,421 sqft
$3.632M - $4.26M $2,556 - $2,998 PSF $3.632M - $4.26M
3 types Penthouse 3 types 1,744 - 4,306 sqft
$6.996M - $17.149M $3,870 - $4,011 PSF $6.996M - $17.149M
E1 Penthouse E1 4,306 sqft
$17.149M $3,983 PSF $17.149M
E2 Penthouse E2 1,948 sqft
$7.538M $3,870 PSF $7.538M
E3 Penthouse E3 1,744 sqft
$6.996M $4,011 PSF $6.996M
Mixed Development
15 2 3
TMW Maxwell

in Tras Street

  • Rest of Central
  • Downtown Core
  • D2 - Chinatown / Tanjong Pagar

220m to TE 18 Maxwell

  • Jun 2028
  • 99 Years
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 324 units
  • Available: 319 units
  • Sold: 5 units
5 types Flip/Switch (Studio) 5 types 474 - 484 sqft
$1.482M - $1.581M $3,127 - $3,327 PSF $1.482M - $1.581M
A1 Flip/Switch (Studio) A1 474 sqft
$1.482M - $1.506M $3,127 - $3,177 PSF $1.482M - $1.506M
A2 Flip/Switch (Studio) A2 484 sqft
$1.517M - $1.541M $3,134 - $3,184 PSF $1.517M - $1.541M
A3 Flip/Switch (Studio) A3 474 sqft
$1.51M - $1.546M $3,186 - $3,262 PSF $1.51M - $1.546M
A3-G Flip/Switch (Studio) A3-G 474 sqft
$1.562M - $1.577M $3,295 - $3,327 PSF $1.562M - $1.577M
A4 Flip/Switch (Studio) A4 474 sqft
$1.557M - $1.581M $3,217 - $3,267 PSF $1.557M - $1.581M
3 types 1 Bedroom 3 types 474 - 517 sqft
$1.62M - $1.675M $3,133 - $3,240 PSF $1.62M - $1.675M
1B1 1 Bedroom 1B1 474 sqft
$1.628M - $1.644M $3,149 - $3,180 PSF $1.628M - $1.644M
1B1-G 1 Bedroom 1B1-G 474 sqft
$1.675M $3,240 PSF $1.675M
1B2 1 Bedroom 1B2 517 sqft
$1.62M - $1.644M $3,133 - $3,180 PSF $1.62M - $1.644M
2 types 1 Bedroom + Study 2 types 538 - 560 sqft
$1.707M - $1.798M $3,109 - $3,154 PSF $1.707M - $1.798M
1S1 1 Bedroom + Study 1S1 560 sqft
$1.774M - $1.798M $3,112 - $3,154 PSF $1.774M - $1.798M
1S2 1 Bedroom + Study 1S2 538 sqft
$1.707M - $1.731M $3,109 - $3,153 PSF $1.707M - $1.731M
2 types 1 Bedroom Loft 2 types 840 - 861 sqft
$2.309M $2,749 PSF $2.309M
BL1 1 Bedroom Loft BL1 840 sqft
$2.309M $2,749 PSF $2.309M
BL2 1 Bedroom Loft BL2 861 sqft
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
1 types 2 Bedroom Premium 1 types 786 sqft
$2.404M - $2.434M $3,059 - $3,097 PSF $2.404M - $2.434M
2C1 2 Bedroom Premium 2C1 786 sqft
$2.404M - $2.434M $3,059 - $3,097 PSF $2.404M - $2.434M
4 types 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 4 types 829 - 850 sqft
$2.623M - $2.685M $3,045 - $3,081 PSF $2.623M - $2.685M
2DK1 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 2DK1 850 sqft
$2.665M - $2.685M $3,056 - $3,079 PSF $2.665M - $2.685M
2DK1-G 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 2DK1-G 850 sqft
$2.655M $3,045 PSF $2.655M
2DK2 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 2DK2 829 sqft
$2.633M - $2.653M $3,058 - $3,081 PSF $2.633M - $2.653M
2DK2-G 2 Bedroom Dual-Key 2DK2-G 829 sqft
$2.623M $3,046 PSF $2.623M
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Tanjong Pagar and Nearby Locations

Tanjong Pagar is located within the Central Business District (CBD) which is primarily why most of the key areas can be accessed from here. There are a number of MRT stations situated in close proximity making it easy for the residents to travel to their desired locations.

The Tanjong Pagar MRT, the main station here, is close to Raffles Place MRT and the Outram Park MRT which directly link the area to the North-South and the North-East Line respectively. These significantly reduce the commute of the residents and make places close by much more accessible.

Factors to consider when buying a New Launch Condo in Tanjong Pagar

The real estate market in Singapore is extremely competitive which is why getting a property here can be challenging. So, when buying a Tanjong Pagar New Launch Condo, you should keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Know your budget. As a result of being located in the CBD, the property in Tanjong Pagar is slightly pricey. This is why being clear about your budget can help you deduce your options in the market.
  •  Take a good look at the location of the condo. This is especially important for families because there aren’t many schools in Tanjong Pagar. Knowing more about the location of the condo can help you determine whether it is the correct pick for you.
  • Check the amenities present within the premises of your condo. Even though most of your required facilities are a short ride away from your residence in Tanjong Pagar, eliminating this extra ride will just make your life easier.

The Benefits of Living in a New Launch Condo in Tanjong Pagar

The location of Tanjong Pagar allows its residents to enjoy the charm of a historical area while also having access to all the necessary modern facilities.

If you live in a Tanjong Pagar New Condo, you will always have a range of stores nearby to fulfill your grocery needs but there are several dining options for you to expand your taste buds. Michelin-star restaurants like the Rhubarb are present here but you can also grab some street food from the Amoy Street Food Centre and the Maxwell Food Centre.

Tanjong Pagar does not have a large-scale hospital but several clinics are located throughout the area including the Duxton Medical Clinic to provide you with basic healthcare facilities. In case a more detailed treatment is required, you can easily visit the Raffles Hospital or the Singapore General Hospital, located nearby.

Last but not least, you can select schooling options for your children. Many preschools such as the PCF Sparkletots Preschool can be found within the neighborhood. Even though there aren’t many Primary and Secondary Schools established in the Tanjong Pagar, several high-quality educational institutes are less than a kilometer away. Enlisted amongst these are the Cantonment Primary School and the CHIJ.

The Demand for New Launch Condos in Tanjong Pagar

Living in the CBD has its perks. There are a total of 4 shopping centers within Tanjong Pagar. You can visit the Tanjong Pagar Plaza and shop from the traditional stores there or, you can go to the International Plaza to pick out more eccentric items for yourself.

Other recreational activities that increase the demand for condos include the array of gyms. The Virgin Active Gym is a big hit amongst the people due to its outdoor pool which provides a panorama view of the Tanjong Pagar.

For entertainment purposes, café hopping is a preferred activity by the residents. But there are also some mainstream options including the parks where you can enjoy your alone time, away from the concrete jungle.

Top 3 New Launch Condos in Tanjong Pagar

Developers heavily compete in the real estate market in Tanjong Pagar by upping one another but the following are New Launch Condos that stood out to us:

Wallich Residence

Wallich Residence consists of 181 units that are equipped with top-notch facilities and a high-quality interior. It is located right above the Tanjong Pagar MRT station which allows the residents to have easy access to essential areas like Chinatown and Duxton Street.

All your residential as well as retail needs will be met if you buy one of the luxury condos at Wallich Residence.

Newport Residences

This is a mixed-use integrated project developed by City Developments Limited (CDL). Newport Residences has 256 residential units and a total of 46 storeys, available as freehold property.

This development project is situated near two MRT stations and is centrally located Downtown. Alongside the residential units, Newport Residences also includes a range of retail options and offices that residents can take advantage of.

Clermont Residence

Clermont Residence comprises of 180 units and 50 residential units with 1 to 4-bedroom options. Developed by Guocoland Limited, this project also includes a luxury business unit and a long list of amenities that add to the value of the property.

To facilitate the residents, a car parking and an underground pedestrian network are made in Clermont Residence. Together with this, there are many entertainment options present within the premises, including a pool deck to keep people occupied.

Interest among buyers in Tanjong Pagar New Launch Condos

Tanjong Pagar is a traditional area in Singapore that has been flipped by developers to become an urban center. This is why people residing here get to experience the best of both worlds.

Tanjong Pagar New Launch Condos are a great investment option for you because its prime location will only increase the value of the property here. You can live your best life in one of these condos and also exploit the advantage of having a high-value property in the future.