Sixth Avenue New Launch Condo

Sixth Avenue displays a cozy and quaint charm associated with Singapore’s suburbs. The area is famous for its Namly Estate housing and new international food chain restaurants. Sixth Avenue New Launch Condos are a favorite when it comes to residential investment in District 10.

Sixth Avenue attracts locals and ex-pats alike because it gives a quiet environment away from the busy life of Singapore. If you are looking for a condo in Singapore that is suited to families and has a strong neighborhood community, Sixth Avenue is the destination for you.

Royalgreen - Sixth Avenue
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24 1 4
Leedon Green

in Leedon Heights

  • Core Central
  • Prime District
  • D10 - Tanglin / Holland / Bukit Timah

760m to CC 21 Holland Village

  • Mar 2024
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 638 units
  • Available: 46 units
  • Sold: 592 units
4 types 1 Bedroom 4 types 603 sqft
$1.509M $2,502 PSF $1.509M
A1-R 1 Bedroom A1-R 603 sqft
$1.509M $2,502 PSF $1.509M
A1a-R 1 Bedroom A1a-R 603 sqft
$1.509M $2,502 PSF $1.509M
A1b-R 1 Bedroom A1b-R 603 sqft
$1.509M $2,502 PSF $1.509M
A1c-R 1 Bedroom A1c-R 603 sqft
$1.509M $2,502 PSF $1.509M
10 types 1 Bedroom + Study 10 types 538 - 689 sqft
$1.608M - $1.768M $2,464 - $3,251 PSF $1.608M - $1.768M
AS1 1 Bedroom + Study AS1 538 sqft
$1.707M - $1.749M $3,173 - $3,251 PSF $1.707M - $1.749M
AS1a 1 Bedroom + Study AS1a 538 sqft
$1.674M - $1.69M $3,112 - $3,141 PSF $1.674M - $1.69M
AS1b 1 Bedroom + Study AS1b 538 sqft
$1.674M - $1.696M $3,112 - $3,152 PSF $1.674M - $1.696M
AS1c 1 Bedroom + Study AS1c 538 sqft
$1.638M $3,045 PSF $1.638M
AS1c-R 1 Bedroom + Study AS1c-R 678 sqft
$1.768M $2,608 PSF $1.768M
AS1d 1 Bedroom + Study AS1d 538 sqft
$1.608M $2,989 PSF $1.608M
AS1d-R 1 Bedroom + Study AS1d-R 678 sqft
$1.698M $2,504 PSF $1.698M
AS2-R 1 Bedroom + Study AS2-R 678 sqft
$1.698M $2,504 PSF $1.698M
AS3-R 1 Bedroom + Study AS3-R 689 sqft
$1.698M $2,464 PSF $1.698M
AS3a-R 1 Bedroom + Study AS3a-R 689 sqft
$1.698M $2,464 PSF $1.698M
12 types 2 Bedroom 12 types 614 - 840 sqft
$1.943M - $2.248M $2,533 - $3,210 PSF $1.943M - $2.248M
B1c 2 Bedroom B1c 614 sqft
$1.971M $3,210 PSF $1.971M
B1d 2 Bedroom B1d 614 sqft
$1.943M $3,164 PSF $1.943M
B4a 2 Bedroom B4a 700 sqft
$2.168M - $2.195M $3,097 - $3,136 PSF $2.168M - $2.195M
B4a-R 2 Bedroom B4a-R 807 sqft
$2.108M - $2.248M $2,612 - $2,786 PSF $2.108M - $2.248M
B4b-R 2 Bedroom B4b-R 807 sqft
$2.158M $2,674 PSF $2.158M
B5 2 Bedroom B5 710 sqft
$2.144M $3,020 PSF $2.144M
B5-P 2 Bedroom B5-P 775 sqft
$2.088M $2,694 PSF $2.088M
B5-R 2 Bedroom B5-R 840 sqft
$2.138M $2,545 PSF $2.138M
B5a 2 Bedroom B5a 710 sqft
$2.069M - $2.086M $2,914 - $2,938 PSF $2.069M - $2.086M
B5a-P 2 Bedroom B5a-P 775 sqft
$2.088M $2,694 PSF $2.088M
B5a-R 2 Bedroom B5a-R 840 sqft
$2.128M $2,533 PSF $2.128M
B5c 2 Bedroom B5c 710 sqft
$2.144M $3,020 PSF $2.144M
2 types 2 Bedroom + Study 2 types 818 - 926 sqft
$2.441M - $2.588M $2,795 - $3,054 PSF $2.441M - $2.588M
BS1a 2 Bedroom + Study BS1a 818 sqft
$2.441M - $2.498M $2,984 - $3,054 PSF $2.441M - $2.498M
BS1a-R 2 Bedroom + Study BS1a-R 926 sqft
$2.588M $2,795 PSF $2.588M
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Sixth Avenue and Nearby Locations

Sixth Avenue is a highly accessible region because of the Sixth Avenue MRT station. The presence of this MRT station adds a lot of value to any residential project on either side of the Sixth Avenue.

Bordering Sixth Avenue on District 10 is Bukit Timah, Holland Village, and Clementi. Residents of Sixth Avenue can enjoy cultural history in Holland Village, or go for a walk in Singapore’s Botanical gardens which is just a short drive away.

Factors to consider when buying a New Launch Condo in Sixth Avenue

If you are interested in buying Sixth Avenue New Condo, there are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Check your affordability. Sixth Avenue is a popular destination for foreigners, and this makes the district prices a bit higher than other outlying regions of Singapore. Always be sure to check within your range so that your search for a perfect condo goes easier.
  • Select your location according to your requirements. Sixth Avenue has vast options of schools and other important institutes so make sure that you can access all your required places easily from your home.
  • You should always pay attention to the location of the condo. This is important for accessibility purposes and for you to get a better idea about the locale present nearby.

The Benefits of Living in a New Launch Condo in Sixth Avenue

A Sixth Avenue New Condo is a great investment to make. The area is suitable for professionals and small families. The bordering areas to Sixth Avenue make sure that the daily needs of the residents are met be it healthcare, shopping, grocery, etc.

The area is a prime location for families with children due to the presence of excellent schools in the area like The Mulberry Learning and The Odyssey Global School.

Due to the presence of the local MRT as well as the close proximity to Bukit Timah, residents of Sixth Avenue can access healthcare in case of emergencies.

The Demand for New Launch Condos in Sixth Avenue

Sixth Avenue New Launch Condos are in high demand. This is because Sixth Avenue is smack dab in the middle of Singapore’s Prime Business district 10. Since Singapore is known for its busy bustling cities, Sixth Avenue provides a relatively calmer environment for those not used to the hustle and bustle of crowds. Sixth Avenue is much preferred by professionals as well due to the presence of multiple MRT stations that make commuting to other sectors of District 10 much easier.

Families with pets are also extremely keen on a residential plot in this area due to the presence of great veterinarian clinics in the Namly Estate area like the Namly Animal Clinic. Sixth Avenue road places its residences on both sides of the thoroughfare, so residents on the side of Clementi city can enjoy the presence of the Greenleaf Forest. The forest is a perfect spot for picnics and school trips.

Residents of Sixth Avenue are happy that many international food chains like Baker and Cook have opened up a franchise in the area. Other than this, Sixth Avenue houses many local restaurants and clubs that are citywide favorites like La Nonna and the Polo Club. This area is also a favorite destination for ex-pats as well because of its closeness to cultural centers like Holland Village and Little India.

Top 3 New Launch Condos in Sixth Avenue

Condos along Sixth Avenue provide great accessibility to some of the best educational institutes in Singapore. Now, let's look at some of the best new launch condos that Sixth Avenue has to offer.

The Sixth Avenue Residences

Located in Singapore’s prime district 10, this is a freehold condominium property. Located on Sixth Avenue between Holland and Bukit Timah road it has great access to neighboring cities.

It enjoys amazing transport facilities because it is just minutes away from the Sixth Avenue MRT, and Downtown Line and can also be reached through the Pan Island Expressway.

The Sixth Avenue Residences compromises of 175 apartments. It has the facilities of pools, a gym, and a children’s play area.

Palms @ Sixth Avenue

This beautiful condominium complex is located in District 10, just minutes away from the closest MRT station. It is being developed by MCL Land Pte Ltd, and is giving condos as a freehold investment allowing buyers more freedom.

Palms @ Sixth Avenue is different from all other condominiums, it offers each prospective condo owner a separate, private access to a pool and lifts. It also designates separate and permanent parking spaces for its residents.

Sixth Avenue Ville

Located on 43 Sixth Avenue, this condominium complex is just two minutes away from the Farrer Road MRT station. This freehold property boasts of a strong and beautiful architecture.

Since most of the units within this condominium are 3-bedroom residences, it makes this property more affordable, despite the fact of its very near proximity to an MRT station. Developed by City Developments Limited, Sixth Avenue Ville property is great for small families and makes for a good investment as well.

Interest among buyers in Sixth Avenue New Launch Condos

Overall, Sixth Avenue New Launch Condos are bound to be sold out sooner than expected due to their presence in Singapore’s Prime District 1o. The properties enjoy access to nearby tourist attractions like Holland Village, and Singapore Botanical Gardens.

Also, most of the condominiums in Sixth Avenue are fitted to the needs of families and professionals, with gyms, private pools, lifts, and much more. This along with the impeccable quality of the residential condos is sure to raise more than a bit of interest among the buyers.