Newton New Launch Condo

Being one of Singapore’s least bustling and populous areas, Newton is the perfect retreat from the crowds and an attraction for potential buyers.

Newton is located near all the necessary facilities, without being a busy area itself. Its proximity to the shopping belt at Orchard and the medical center at Novena make it even more desirable. A Newton New Condo is a perfect match for people preferring a quieter environment to reside.

Pullman Residence - Newton
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10 Evelyn

in Evelyn Road

  • Core Central
  • Prime District
  • D11 - Newton / Novena

510m to DT 11NS 21 Newton

  • Dec 2022
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 56 units
  • Available: 28 units
  • Sold: 28 units
9 types 1 Bedroom 9 types 495 - 785 sqft
$1.392M - $1.818M $2,049 - $3,135 PSF $1.392M - $1.818M
A1b 1 Bedroom A1b 785 sqft
$1.614M $2,056 PSF $1.614M
A1c 1 Bedroom A1c 527 sqft
$1.652M $3,135 PSF $1.652M
A1d 1 Bedroom A1d 785 sqft
$1.818M $2,316 PSF $1.818M
A2b 1 Bedroom A2b 495 - 721 sqft
$1.555M $2,157 PSF $1.555M
A3a 1 Bedroom A3a 495 sqft
$1.44M $2,910 PSF $1.44M
A3b 1 Bedroom A3b 495 - 764 sqft
$1.45M - $1.618M $2,118 - $2,948 PSF $1.45M - $1.618M
A3d 1 Bedroom A3d 495 - 764 sqft
$1.392M - $1.566M $2,049 - $2,836 PSF $1.392M - $1.566M
A4 1 Bedroom A4 614 sqft
$1.634M $2,662 PSF $1.634M
A5 1 Bedroom A5 581 sqft
$1.729M $2,976 PSF $1.729M
10 types 2 Bedroom 10 types 732 - 1,163 sqft
$2.005M - $2.338M $1,950 - $2,858 PSF $2.005M - $2.338M
B1d 2 Bedroom B1d 807 sqft
$2.283M - $2.293M $2,829 - $2,841 PSF $2.283M - $2.293M
B2a 2 Bedroom B2a 732 sqft
$2.005M $2,739 PSF $2.005M
B2b 2 Bedroom B2b 753 sqft
$2.068M - $2.089M $2,747 - $2,774 PSF $2.068M - $2.089M
B2c 2 Bedroom B2c 743 - 1,163 sqft
$2.052M - $2.301M $1,978 - $2,762 PSF $2.052M - $2.301M
B2d 2 Bedroom B2d 743 sqft
$2.036M $2,740 PSF $2.036M
B2e 2 Bedroom B2e 753 sqft
$2.073M $2,752 PSF $2.073M
B2f 2 Bedroom B2f 743 - 1,163 sqft
$2.267M $1,950 PSF $2.267M
B3a 2 Bedroom B3a 807 sqft
$2.293M $2,841 PSF $2.293M
B3c 2 Bedroom B3c 818 sqft
$2.338M $2,858 PSF $2.338M
B3d 2 Bedroom B3d 818 sqft
$2.267M $2,772 PSF $2.267M
2 types 3 Bedroom 2 types 1,410 - 1,432 sqft
$3.341M - $3.424M $2,370 - $2,393 PSF $3.341M - $3.424M
PH2 3 Bedroom PH2 1,432 sqft
$3.424M $2,393 PSF $3.424M
PH4 3 Bedroom PH4 1,410 sqft
$3.341M $2,370 PSF $3.341M
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Newton and Nearby Locations

Despite being one of Singapore’s least populous areas, Newton is still connected to an MRT station. The station is just a short walk away from most places within Newton.

The MRT station links Newton to Singapore’s other attractions and areas, allowing its residents to travel without the hassle of delays and busy traffic. Located near Novena city, residents can also avail the medical hub and shopping malls which are just a short distance away.

Factors to consider when buying a New Launch Condo in Newton

When you head out to buy a Newton New Launch property, you must keep the following points in mind:

If you are looking to purchase a condo in Newton, you must be sure to visit the property in person. This will ensure that all of the services and fittings done within the condo meet your requirements.

Explore several options when purchasing a property in Newton. The area has a wide array of condos with different sizes and prices that you must check before you confirm your pick.

When buying a condo in Newton you must also calibrate your daily commute distance if you have any to better understand if the location is suitable for you.

The Benefits of Living in a New Launch Condo in Newton

A Newton New Condo is a perfect choice for families because the area itself is serene, peaceful, and quiet which isn’t easy to find in the hustling areas of Singapore.

Newton is a residential hub and it appeals to families because of the excellent educational institutes located only within walking distance from different places in Newton. The area hosts schools like the Anglo-Chinese School and the Saint Joseph institute which provide high-quality education to its students.

When it comes to food, Newton has several food options for its residents. There are several cold storage supermarkets to fulfill your grocery needs but there is also a wide array of continental cuisine options that can be found at the famous Newton food center for those interested in expanding their taste buds.

The Demand for New Launch Condos in Newton

Newton is filled with private developments that are either close to Orchard, Novena Health City or daily essentials such as Newton Food Centre or Newton MRT Interchange.

Such accessibility and convenience is rare to come by. Which is why Newton new launches are highly favored by property investors and home-owners.

Furthermore, Newton registers the most rental contracts every year. This also gives the assurance to risk averse investors that passive income will be generated with utmost certainty.

Top 3 New Launch Condos in Newton

Residential properties are high in demand in Newton with a wide array of residential condos to choose from, buyers can look at their prospective options in detail before making a choice.

If you are looking to buy a property here, there is a range of condos you can look into. These are our top picks for Newton New Launch Condo:


Sanctuary in Newton is a rare type of development project in Singapore known as a freehold residence. It caters to the recreational lifestyle community and claims to be a peaceful oasis away from the world.

Located on Surrey road, this high-rise is a 1-tower block with 15 storeys. Sanctuary is made to look like a work of art, this residential development houses 38 luxurious residential units within its premises.

Towering over the excellent view of the suburbs, Sanctuary is in a prime location allowing easy access to nearby locales like the Orchard shopping belt or Singapore Botanical Gardens.

The condos here are fitted with the finest appliances and furnishings of noteworthy names like SMEG, Duravit, and Hansgrohe. They also have an integrated Smart Home system giving the property an appealing sense of luxury.

Pullman Residences

Pullman Residences in Newton is a luxury condominium that is being constructed by EL Developments. EL Developments has a history of success when it comes to projects like this and it has created popular condominiums like Parc Centennial and Illuminaire on Devonshire.

Pullman Residences condos are located on Dunearn road, making the Newton MRT station only a 3-minute walk away from the residence.

The condominium consists of 340 luxury condos, with an option of 1 to 4 bedrooms. The residence is in a prime location surrounded by embassies and other residential properties nearby.

They offer a range of prices to their clients so you can check their reference page to get a clearer idea about the options available to you.


Located within the Prime 9 district of Newton, Kopar is being established by CEL Developments. What makes Kopar so attractive to the potential buyer is that despite being located in District 9, which is the most prime residential district in Newton, the condos are Kopar are still affordable and are fairly close to the MRT station and the education hub.

Alongside this, it has a relatively low land cost making it perfect for investors and buyers. The condominium stands 24 storeys tall and was launched in 2020.

The elegant fittings and furnishing at Kopar give these condos a modern luxury feel which is alluring to new buyers.

Interest among buyers in Newton New Launch Condos

If you are looking for a quiet retreat from the busy life in Singapore, then Newton New Launch Condos is the match for you.

The area is the new rising destination for buying condos in Singapore. Purchasing a condo in Newton can allow you to build a peaceful home for yourself away from the fast-paced life in the country.