Buona Vista New Launch Condo

As one of the more picturesque areas in Singapore, Buona Vista is a great place for people who enjoy living life with a view. This old area was revamped to become an urban hub and has all the necessary amenities required to live a modern yet peaceful life.

The business complexes in the midst of the greenery and the high-quality property keep Buona Vista New Condos in high demand. So, don’t miss your chance to invest in these condos!

Blossom by the Park - Buona Vista
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Terra Hill

in Yew Siang Road

  • Rest of Central
  • West Region
  • D5 - Buona Vista / West Coast / Clementi New Town

350m to CC 26 Pasir Panjang

  • Sep 2026
  • Freehold
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 270 units
  • Available: 162 units
  • Sold: 108 units
2 types 2 Bedroom 2 types 678 - 840 sqft
$1.865M - $2.03M $2,330 - $2,795 PSF $1.865M - $2.03M
B2 2 Bedroom B2 678 sqft
$1.865M - $1.895M $2,751 - $2,795 PSF $1.865M - $1.895M
B2-PH 2 Bedroom B2-PH 840 sqft
$1.957M - $2.03M $2,330 - $2,417 PSF $1.957M - $2.03M
1 types 2 Bedroom + Study 1 types 807 sqft
$2.103M - $2.272M $2,606 - $2,815 PSF $2.103M - $2.272M
B3 2 Bedroom + Study B3 807 sqft
$2.103M - $2.272M $2,606 - $2,815 PSF $2.103M - $2.272M
9 types 3 Bedroom 9 types 904 - 1,335 sqft
$2.352M - $3.157M $2,240 - $2,829 PSF $2.352M - $3.157M
C1 3 Bedroom C1 904 sqft
$2.352M $2,602 PSF $2.352M
C2 3 Bedroom C2 904 sqft
$2.352M - $2.557M $2,602 - $2,829 PSF $2.352M - $2.557M
C3 3 Bedroom C3 969 sqft
$2.424M - $2.494M $2,502 - $2,574 PSF $2.424M - $2.494M
C4 3 Bedroom C4 1,076 sqft
$2.734M - $2.978M $2,541 - $2,768 PSF $2.734M - $2.978M
C5 3 Bedroom C5 1,087 sqft
$2.761M - $3.007M $2,540 - $2,766 PSF $2.761M - $3.007M
C6 3 Bedroom C6 1,098 sqft
$2.827M - $2.983M $2,575 - $2,717 PSF $2.827M - $2.983M
C7-PH 3 Bedroom C7-PH 1,249 sqft
$2.849M - $3.035M $2,281 - $2,430 PSF $2.849M - $3.035M
C8-PH 3 Bedroom C8-PH 1,335 sqft
$2.99M - $3.157M $2,240 - $2,365 PSF $2.99M - $3.157M
C9-PH 3 Bedroom C9-PH 1,335 sqft
$2.99M - $3.157M $2,240 - $2,365 PSF $2.99M - $3.157M
8 types 4 Bedroom 8 types 1,302 - 1,894 sqft
$3.451M - $5.585M $2,305 - $2,949 PSF $3.451M - $5.585M
D1 4 Bedroom D1 1,302 sqft
$3.485M $2,677 PSF $3.485M
D2 4 Bedroom D2 1,313 sqft
$3.451M - $3.619M $2,628 - $2,756 PSF $3.451M - $3.619M
D3 4 Bedroom D3 1,335 sqft
$3.476M - $3.581M $2,604 - $2,682 PSF $3.476M - $3.581M
D4-PH 4 Bedroom D4-PH 1,539 sqft
$3.548M - $3.684M $2,305 - $2,394 PSF $3.548M - $3.684M
D5-PH 4 Bedroom D5-PH 1,830 sqft
$4.393M - $4.638M $2,401 - $2,534 PSF $4.393M - $4.638M
D6-PH 4 Bedroom D6-PH 1,851 sqft
$4.447M - $4.696M $2,402 - $2,537 PSF $4.447M - $4.696M
D7-PH 4 Bedroom D7-PH 1,862 sqft
$4.475M - $4.725M $2,403 - $2,538 PSF $4.475M - $4.725M
DP1 4 Bedroom DP1 1,894 sqft
$5.261M - $5.585M $2,778 - $2,949 PSF $5.261M - $5.585M
3 types 5 Bedroom 3 types 2,120 - 3,035 sqft
$5.483M - $8.779M $2,560 - $2,893 PSF $5.483M - $8.779M
E1-PH 5 Bedroom E1-PH 2,120 sqft
$5.522M $2,605 PSF $5.522M
E2-PH 5 Bedroom E2-PH 2,142 sqft
$5.483M - $5.58M $2,560 - $2,605 PSF $5.483M - $5.58M
EP1-PH 5 Bedroom EP1-PH 3,035 sqft
$8.626M - $8.779M $2,842 - $2,893 PSF $8.626M - $8.779M
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Buona Vista and Nearby Locations

There are many important business and retail complexes located in Buona Vista which is why there is a high inflow of traffic on a daily basis. This is why the importance of public transportation becomes even more relevant in this area.

The Buona Vista MRT remains in high use and has made traveling much easier for daily commuters. Areas such as Dover and Holland Village are less than 15 minutes away from Buona Vista on foot and 3 minutes by road.

Factors to consider when buying a New Launch Condo in Buona Vista

There was a time when Buona Vista was considered one of the slower areas in Singapore as a result of which, buying a condo here wasn’t very difficult. However, ever since the area was urbanized, the real estate market has changed and the following are certain aspects that you should keep in mind to make the property search slightly easier:

  • Check the distance from the MRT station. If you travel regularly to work from an MRT, you should prioritize looking into condos that are closer to these stations.
  • Knowing your budget is always helpful when looking for a condo. There is a large range of condos available in Buona Vista, so being aware of your budget can help you reduce the number of properties that need to be checked out.
  • Take a look at the amenities present within the developement. Buona Vista New Launch Condos are mostly modern developments with numerous facilities present within the premises of the property. So, checking whether all your required facilities are available will be a good start for property hunting.

The Benefits of Living in a New Launch Condo in a Buona Vista

A new launch condo in Buona Vista can make a great home for both, families and individuals.

Somewhere in your neighborhood, you’ll find a 7 eleven store, and if not that then there are multiple convenience stores such as Cheers located here for you to fulfill your grocery needs.

Similarly, in case of a health emergency, there are multiple hospitals that you can reach within minutes. This includes the National University Hospital and the Alexandra Hospital where you can avail high-quality healthcare facilities.

Lastly, families do not need to worry about finding a school for their children because there are multiple schools located at a short distance from most condos. The Fairfield Methodist School and the Anglo-Chinese School are among the top picks of the people living in Buona Vista.

The Demand for New Launch Condos in Buona Vista

While all your necessities will be fulfilled living in a Buona Vista New Condo, there is a lot more that this place has to offer.

There are plenty of stops for you to shop at. The Star Vista mall and the Rochester Mall are the most popular places for retail therapy in Buona Vista. You can find local as well as many international brands in these malls. You can also visit Rochester Park and Gim Moh Market for dining options as these host many food places where you can devour freshly made dishes throughout the day.

There are also several entertainment options that you can enjoy in the Star Vista Mall including the shows that are hosted at the Performing Arts Center. E-gamers can also visit the Bountie Arena at Fusionopolis which has a proper setup for e-sports.

Catching a fresh breath can get difficult at times. The One North Park is an idelplace to spend some time away from the city environment. This park is directly connected to the Biopolis, Fusionopolis, Mediapolis, and the One-North MRT station which makes traveling in and out very easy.

Top 3 New Launch Condos in Buona Vista

From the list of New Launch Condos in Buona Vista, we have picked the following three condos for you to consider:

Blossoms By The Park

Blossoms By The Park is a project developed by EL Development Pte Ltd and is expected to be completed by 2029. The project contains a total of 274 units to be built within a 27-storey building. The units will contain a variety of 1 to 4-bedroom condos. 

One entire lot will be separately built for commercial use. The basement car park will also have 2 levels in which there will be a total of 110 parking spaces.

One-North Eden

One-North Eden is a project of TID Pte Ltd and is expected to be completed by 2025. The development includes 165 units which will be divided into two, 15-storey buildings. A series of 1 to 4 bedroom condos will be available for buyers.

One-North Eden includes a range of amenities for adults as well as children. Alongside a gym and a playground, residents can take full advantage of the clubhouse and the jacuzzis built within the premises.

Viva Vista

This project is being developed by Hume Homes Pte Ltd and consists of 114 units in total. These are built as a wide 5-storey, low-rise building and have 1 to 2-bedroom condos.

You can avail the facilities of the gymnasium room and swimming pool built within the premises of Viva Vista.

Interest among buyers in Buona Vista New Launch Condos

Altogether, it isn’t difficult to understand why there is a demand for Buona Vista New Launch Condos in the real estate market. These condos provide you with a safe and modern environment with high-quality amenities and accessibility to key places in the neighboring areas.

Simultaneously, these condos have great investment value as a result of the business complexes nearby. Grab this opportunity and make this long-term investment for your greater good.