Bugis New Launch Condo

Bugis is one of the most popular downtown areas in Singapore where you can find a place for individuals from any part of the world. The cultural diversity and dazzling neighborhoods are a great source of attraction for people to not only visit but also reside in.

This is primarily why Bugis New Condos have gained a great amount of significance over the past few years. Get your hands on one of these condos and enjoy the live spirit of Bugis!

Midtown - Bugis
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Midtown Bay

in Beach Road

  • Core Central
  • Downtown Core
  • D7 - Beach Road / Bugis / Rochor

390m to CC 3 Esplanade

  • Dec 2023
  • 99 Years
  • Private Condominium
  • Total: 219 units
  • Available: 79 units
  • Sold: 140 units
8 types 2 Bedroom Duplex 8 types 990 - 1,152 sqft
$3.018M - $4.108M $2,884 - $4,016 PSF $3.018M - $4.108M
B2-DP 2 Bedroom Duplex B2-DP 1,130 sqft
$3.259M - $3.69M $2,884 - $3,265 PSF $3.259M - $3.69M
B6-DP 2 Bedroom Duplex B6-DP 1,012 sqft
$3.064M - $3.399M $3,028 - $3,359 PSF $3.064M - $3.399M
B6a-DP 2 Bedroom Duplex B6a-DP 1,012 sqft
$3.083M - $3.317M $3,046 - $3,278 PSF $3.083M - $3.317M
B5-DP 2 Bedroom Duplex B5-DP 990 sqft
$3.018M - $3.352M $3,048 - $3,386 PSF $3.018M - $3.352M
B3-DP 2 Bedroom Duplex B3-DP 1,152 sqft
$3.577M - $3.968M $3,105 - $3,444 PSF $3.577M - $3.968M
B4-DP 2 Bedroom Duplex B4-DP 1,033 sqft
$3.655M - $3.852M $3,538 - $3,729 PSF $3.655M - $3.852M
B7-DP 2 Bedroom Duplex B7-DP 1,023 sqft
$3.91M - $4.108M $3,822 - $4,016 PSF $3.91M - $4.108M
B7a-DP 2 Bedroom Duplex B7a-DP 1,023 sqft
$4.015M $3,925 PSF $4.015M
4 types 2 Bedroom 4 types 732 - 754 sqft
$2.468M - $2.863M $3,322 - $3,802 PSF $2.468M - $2.863M
B2 2 Bedroom B2 743 sqft
$2.468M - $2.585M $3,322 - $3,479 PSF $2.468M - $2.585M
B3 2 Bedroom B3 754 sqft
$2.66M - $2.863M $3,533 - $3,802 PSF $2.66M - $2.863M
B1a 2 Bedroom B1a 732 sqft
$2.592M - $2.758M $3,541 - $3,768 PSF $2.592M - $2.758M
B1 2 Bedroom B1 732 sqft
$2.773M $3,788 PSF $2.773M
6 types 1 Bedroom 6 types 409 - 484 sqft
$1.598M - $2.101M $3,540 - $4,348 PSF $1.598M - $2.101M
A1 1 Bedroom A1 474 sqft
$1.678M - $2.061M $3,540 - $4,348 PSF $1.678M - $2.061M
A2a 1 Bedroom A2a 484 sqft
$1.716M - $2.101M $3,545 - $4,341 PSF $1.716M - $2.101M
A3a 1 Bedroom A3a 452 sqft
$1.62M - $1.774M $3,584 - $3,925 PSF $1.62M - $1.774M
A3 1 Bedroom A3 463 sqft
$1.685M - $1.797M $3,639 - $3,881 PSF $1.685M - $1.797M
A2 1 Bedroom A2 484 sqft
$1.779M - $2.101M $3,676 - $4,341 PSF $1.779M - $2.101M
A1a 1 Bedroom A1a 409 sqft
$1.598M - $1.752M $3,907 - $4,284 PSF $1.598M - $1.752M
2 types 3 Bedroom Duplex 2 types 1,324 sqft
$4.714M - $5.452M $3,560 - $4,118 PSF $4.714M - $5.452M
B1a-DP 3 Bedroom Duplex B1a-DP 1,324 sqft
$4.714M - $5.271M $3,560 - $3,981 PSF $4.714M - $5.271M
B1-DP 3 Bedroom Duplex B1-DP 1,324 sqft
$5.212M - $5.452M $3,937 - $4,118 PSF $5.212M - $5.452M
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Bugis and Nearby Locations

Bugis is just a few minutes away from some of the key areas in Singapore. You can take a ride to places like River Valley and Orchard Road while also being able to reach the main areas of the Central Business District (CBD) in a short period of time.

There is a long list of roads including the Beach Road and Ophir Road which surround Bugis making the commute much easier. But, at the end of the day, MRT stations are the best pick for traveling in Singapore and the Bugis MRT station is located nearby.

Factors to consider when buying a New Launch Condo in Bugis

The area of Bugis was revamped years ago to become an urban hub for its visitors. This has several implications because these areas are extremely attractive to reside in but there are certain factors that you should consider before purchasing a Bugis New Launch property. Here are some of them:

  • Bugis is a commercialized area but there are still several affordable properties here. Make sure you know your budget and you look for a property that fits that range.
  • Check the condition of the condo. Bugis has newly built properties but several old condos have been renovated over time. Make sure that the condo you are selecting is in good condition and is safe for you to live in.
  • Development is still on the go in Bugis so check your condo and its location for investment purposes. Many properties here will gain value over the next few years due to the projects in process.

The Benefits of Living in a New Launch Condo in Bugis

Bugis is a hotspot for local Singaporean food with places like the Rumah Makan Alongside and the Rochor Original Beancurd House that will serve you steaming Nasi Padang and Soya Bean Curd. Keeping in view the diverse demographic of this area, it cannot be ignored that there is a plethora of continental food options in Bugis. Here, you can find Japanese as well as Korean food to expand your pallet. The Kampong Glam is also very popular for its halal food options to cater to the Muslims living here with the Zam Zam Restaurant being a popular pick.

Bugis is considered best for individuals because most schools are located outside the area, but the travel time isn’t too long so families can settle here well. A prominent educational intuition located nearby is the LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) which offers a range of courses to its students.

For your healthcare needs, Raffles Hospital is located in the area and is easily accessible in the case of emergencies.

The Demand for New Launch Condos in Bugis

The demand for Bugis New Condos has significantly increased over the past few years due to the extensive development that has taken place in this area. On top of the list are the shopping complexes where you can find exotic items for both tourists and locals to enjoy. To have a more wholesome shopping experience, you can visit Bugis Village and look around the shopping houses. The Bugis+ mall is a great option for you if you are looking to buy higher-end, international products.

Apart from shopping, there are many recreational activities for killing time. You can take a stroll at the parks near the Kallang River or you can visit the National Library to fit in some reading time. The Jalan Besar Sports Centre has facilities for athletes including a swimming complex and a hockey pitch.

Bugis is an area rich in history and culture which is why it is near to impossible for boredom to strike here. The historical sites here are a must-visit and every individual living here can take advantage of these places. Amongst these, the Sultan Mosque is a place popular spot visited by tourists.

Top 3 New Launch Condos in Bugis

Once Bugis was rebuilt, the scope for developing property here increased drastically. This is primarily why developers compete while establishing their projects in this area. The following are our best picks of Bugis New Launch Properties:

Midtown Modern

This is a mixed development project established by GLL D Pte Ltd. Midtown Modern is a 558-unit property that will include retail as well as residential components.

The condos are expected to be completed by 2025 and will exist as a 20-story high-rise. The state-of-the-art properties are a must-buy with great accessibility to the MRT stations.

All the required amenities are present within the premises of the property and there are several entertainment options for residents to enjoy.

Duo Residences

Duo Residences is being developed by M + S Pte Limited and contains a total of 660 mix units. This is the tallest complex in the Bugis area and is located close to the City Hall MRT and the CBD.

Living in Duo Residences will place you close to a range of schools, shopping malls, and even clubs, making the condos here a great pick for both families and individuals. These condos are considered to be more affordable than other properties being built in this area so do take a look at them before purchasing your final condo.

The M

These condos are being developed by Wingcharm Investment Pte Ltd. The M contains a total of 552 units and is expected to be completed by 2024.

The condos here include high-quality fittings and are located close to malls and schools in the area. Simultaneously, the condos at The M are great for investment purposes as well because there is a great chance for real estate capital appreciation here.

Interest among buyers in Bugis New Launch Condos

All in all, Bugis New Launch Condos are a great pick for every individual looking to live in a lively neighborhood while having close access to basic facilities.

The cultural diversity will never let you get bored of the area but even if you want to travel to other places in Singapore, there are several MRT stations located just minutes away from your condo. You can enjoy your everyday life while residing in a modern-day home by purchasing a condo in Bugis!